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Parrot’s Nest?

Last week we received an email from someone who works at a Californian CG design firm called CoCoa Creative who said that they were working on a video for a new song called either “Parrot” or “Parrot’s Nest” with Stanley Donwood.

As of now, there has been no confirmation by Radiohead or their management that they are working with CoCoa Creative or of the existence of “Parrot’s Nest.”

If you would like to see some of the correspondence that myself and some of the other people at MT have had with CoCoa Creative, go here or here.

Is this real? At this moment we don’t know but we do know that Radiohead just returned to the studio last month and talk about a video or single would seem really premature. Who knows?

Stanley Donwood

Stanley interview

There is an interview with Stanley Donwood at this site.

Also, Stanley’s website has been updated with some new artwork and info.

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Stanley Donwood

New artwork by Stanley

Radiohead’s resident artist, Stanley Donwood, had just completed a 48 or so page spread of new artwork for the Japanese magazine Idea Magazine. The artwork will most likely appear in the June issue. There is no word if will be online too.

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Radiohead Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood article

The first issue of the new Bristol (UK) magazine Decode has an article about Stanley Donwood, who, if you don’t know, is the guy who works with Thom (Tchocky) on the majority of Radiohead’s artwork, album covers, website, etc…

Decode will hit store shelves in the UK on March 7. You can read a small bit about Stan and the article here.

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Radiohead Stanley Donwood Thom Yorke

Thom and Stanley at the Grammy’s

So, you wanna see what Stanley looks like? Did you see Thom’s new hairdo?

Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood at the Grammys

Okay… 😉

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Canal+ Concert on MTV

MTV USA (yes, USA!) will be showing the Canal+ concert Radiohead recorded last April on June 5 at 10:30pm EST/PST.
You can now read the review of yesterday’s show at the Rock am Ring Festival in Germany.

From Capitol Records:
June 5th marks the arrival of not only Radiohead’s 5th album, Amnesiac, but the launch of the “soon to be world famous” GooglyMinotaur. Befriend him by adding his name to your instant message buddy list. He’s got the 411 on Radiohead past, present and future. But, that’s not all… he’ll challenge you with Radiohead trivia, hangman and more. Remind friends of the minotaur’s quintessential Amnesiac existence by collecting all four of his buddy icons and swapping them.

Plus, Radiohead is being crowned “Yahoo! Band of the Month” for June. The inauguration begins with an auction for front row seats to see the band on the first leg of their tour. The bidding starts with Houston and Denver. We’ll keep you updated as Yahoo puts more hot tickets on the auction block. All proceeds from the auctions go to Amnesty International.

Stan “The Man” Donwood made a post on the now grey official message board that the “rebirth” of will happen on Monday. {thanks to electioneer}

There will be a pretty big interview with Thom Yorke in this Sunday’s LA Times. The story will appear in the Calendar section with Thom on the cover! You can read the interview now Online. Snippet:

“To me, electronic music is the new folk music ’cause it’s that easy to use and generate,” he explains. “I find the noises I can get out of my laptop and all the gear that we’ve got in the studio far more stimulating than [conventional] rock instrumentation.”

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Ed was interviewed by Dave Fanning on 2FM ( last Thursday night. The interview lasted about 45 minutes and was conducted over the phone. Ed made some very interesting comments.

Regarding Kid A :
* “We knew that Kid A was challanging but we wanted to try out different techniques. Musically, it was really the test of the band.”
Regarding Amnesiac :
* “I got frustrated with Knives Out, we had lost the disipline to do stuff that’s straight ahead.”
* “Kid A is cold and numbed, it’s linear, but Amnesiac engages you more, there’s more emotion to it.”
Regarding the new material they have written since Amnesiac :
* “We’ve all come back with a new vigour in the past 8 weeks. The guitars are out again. The new stuff has a Crazy Horse vibe to it, it’s amazing.”
* “It’s bad for your head to make an album over a year and a half, so what were going do next is 2 three week sessions, and then finish that stuff.”
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Here’s more press:
– Article at Ice Magazine. {thanks to Matt}
– Review of Amnesiac at Q Magazine. {thanks to Aaron}
– Review at Rolling Stone. {thanks to Chris}
Radiohead was featured on the American TV show “Jeopardy” last Friday (May 31st). In the category “Radio-logy” the question went *something* like this: “Kid A, an album from this British band fronted by singer Thom Yorke, was nominated at the 2001 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year.” {thanks to Steve}