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Echoplex show confirmed!

Thom Yorke confirmed on DAS tonight that the Echoplex show tomorrow night in Los Angeles is happening. He writes:

so listen right
that band thats doesnt really have a name that im working with at the moment??????
have decided to do a warm-up show on Friday Oct 2nd around 9pm at the Echoplex in Los Angeles
Its not that big, it’ll be total chaos and its kind of a rehearsal but .. if you are near by..
below is a link to get tickets.
hope you get lucky with it. if not you’ve got to be a really really really good friend to get in: )

so ain’t no point hanging around outside if you’re not!
the link should go live at 8.15pm
(i’ll believe that when i see it)

all the best


The Eraser Thom Yorke

Surprise Thom Yorke Show at Echoplex this Friday?

Thom and Nigel at the Roosevelt, Los AngelesRumors are buzzing about a surprise Thom Yorke + new band show this Friday at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. Radiohead’s publicists are not confirming or denying the rumor and it’s not quite clear if this show would be open to the public or if it’s a special guest list type of thing. More info on this when we get it.

Word on the street is that Thom did another DJ set last night at the Roosevelt. Did you see it?

In related news, details about the upcoming shows at the Orpheum in L.A. have arisen. Mauro Refosco, the Brazilian percussionist that is in Thom’s new band, discussed the setlists in an interview with The band is prepared to play the full Eraser album, as well as four new songs. More information about Mauro can be found here.

Lastly, there is a lot of speculation out there that Radiohead as a band is over. The band’s publicists have made it clear that this is not the case and Thom even said that this new project is just for fun.

UPDATE: Thom confirmed that the show is happening!

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Thom Yorke debuts new song at Latitude Festival [updated]

Photo by kenigma

Photo by kenigma

Thom Yorke played a solo set today at the Latitude Festival in the UK. Among a mixture of songs from Radiohead and The Eraser, Thom did debut a new song called “The Present Tense.” Another new song called “Give Up Ghost” was on the setlist but never played.

Thom did treat everyone to two fan favorites, “True Love Waits” and “Follow Me Around”. Neither song has been recorded and released on a studio album.

Full setlist:

01 The Eraser
02 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
03 Atoms For Peace
04 Harrowdown Hill
05 Follow Me Around
06 Everything In Its Right Place
07 The Present Tense
08 Cymbal Rush
09 Black Swan
10 Videotape

11 There There
12 True Love Waits

For your video viewing pleasure:

“The Present Tense”

“True Love Waits”

“Cymbal Rush”

“Black Swan”

[UPDATED] Replaced “The Present Tense” video with a better quality one. (thanks Tim)

The Eraser Thom Yorke

Unnoffical video for “And It Rained All Night”

Check out this unofficial video for Thom Yorke’s “And It Rained All Night” an art teacher named Raul Gonzo created with his students. Very cool…

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US Tour, Thom Yorke, Plan B

We’re going to have to keep this short and sweet for now: Radiohead should be touring the US sooner than you probably think. ‘Nuff said!
Stay tuned. thinks that Thom Yorke is one of the top 5 singers ever. Ever. This was in response to Q magazine naming their top singers (and worst) ever recently. Thom is joined by other legends, such as Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and Billie Holliday.

Speaking of Thom, there is a very cool video of someone drawing him, and then speeding it up and setting it to music. Check it out.

And finally, a rapper named Plan B has sampled “Analyse” by Thom Yorke. The song is called “Couldn’t Get Along…” and you can hear it at his MySpace.
(thanks to everyone that wrote in)

The Eraser Thom Yorke

“Harrowdown Hill” at SXSW

Thom Yorke’s video for “Harrowdown Hill” will be screened at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Here are the deets:

10:30 PM, Saturday March 10th – Dobie
11:30 AM, Saturday March 17th – Dobie
Director: Chel White
Cast: Thom Yorke, David Russo
Format: HDCam
While Harrodown Hill is based on the controversial suicide case of British scientist and weapons inspector David Kelly, the video does not reference the case literally but rather does so through metaphor and symbolic imagery. White’s video is a quietly intense call to consciousness in an age of disinformation, preemptive war and unprecedented governmental secrecy.

Of course, you don’t need to go to Austin to see this video. It’s been out for some time and can be seen at YouTube.
(thanks to Blake)