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Space Ghost Screen Shots!

The lovely people at have put up some screen shots of last night’s episode of Space Ghost featuring Thom and Bjork! In case you missed the show, Cartoon Network will re-air it this Thursday at 11:30 ET. {thanks to Lunargirl, Phillip, Lauren, & Jim}

Radiohead Thom Yorke

Thom “Knifin’ Around” with Space Ghost

Did ya catch Thom and Bjork on last night’s Space Ghost Coast to Coast? We’re pretty certain that the footage of Thom (without scratchy beard) was actually recorded back in 1998 when he was first rumored to be doing the show.

Radiohead Thom Yorke

Space Ghost

It appears that Thom Yorke will appear on the Cartoon Network show Space Ghost Coast to Coast on September 2, 2001 at 11:30pm ET. The episode is titled “Knives Out” and this is what Space Ghost is saying about it:

It is evident that the modern German literary tradition encompasses nature poetry and classic narratives of the metropolis more uneasily than any other in “Knifin’ Around.”

While the celebration of the pastoral is as old as literature itself, the troubled history of writing on Thom Yorke has become a peculiarly German preoccupation. Exploration of the city, meanwhile, especially the burgeoning Prussian and Austrian capitals, helped to define our understanding of the Bjork.

Yet today, the contemporary state of the Grofstadtroman, especially with respect to Berlin in the wake of reunification, and Vienna, which finds itself once more at Sunday, September 2, at 11:30 p.m. (e/p)

{thanks to Greg & Logan}

Speaking of the Bjork
What a nice girl! In her latest album, Verpertine, she thanks Thom in the CD booklet. {thanks to Greg}

Kid A Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for September 6, 2000

Last night’s playback in NYC

The Kid A playback for media and fans went very well last night in the Sony IMAX theatre at Lincoln Center in New York City. The lucky people who were let in were treated to a multimedia display on the huge IMAX screen while they listened to Kid A. We have a couple of reviews for you, one from someone who attended the playback and the media cocktail party, and some from fans who were let in. Enjoy!

You can also read NME’s article about it here.

Now you can “see it all”

MTV has just introduced “webeos”, music videos on the web. On of their first ones is a webeo for Bjork’s “I’ve Seen It All” but unfortunately it is a version without Thom. Nevertheless, it’s pretty neat! Go here to view!

Thom recently did a duet with Bjork on the song for her soundtrack to her movie “Dancer in the Dark.” The soundtrack, with the Thom version, will be out on September 15th.

[thanks to Jarrod]

Just a reminder…

That Kid A will be played on Steve Lamaq’s show on the UK radio station, Radio 1, on Monday, September 18th. The album will also be aired on the Dutch radio station VPRO, on the same night. The airing will happen between 22:00 and 23:00.

If you can’t listen to it, there will be many airings of the album plus other goodies on a lot of the fan sites, including Green Plastic, courtesy of Capitol Record’s iBlip. If you have a Radiohead site and would like to host the iBlip, go here. The fun should start on September 11th.

Kid A Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for August 15, 2000

Official Media Clips

Two short Quicktime movies are available to download. They both feature studio versions of “Optimistic” and “Everything In Its Right Place.” Click here and here. (If you can’t hear any sound, you will need the latest version of Quicktime).

[many thanks to jon]

Bjork on working with Thom

Bjork was recently interview by Time Out and said the following about working with Thom on “I’ve Seen It All”:

“It was my idea to work with Thom. We spent four days in Spain just singing as and when we felt like it. He doesn’t do things lightly.”

The latest from the NME

RADIOHEAD’s long-awaited new album ‘KID A’ will be unveiled on Friday morning (August 18) – and will be among the first people in the world to hear it.

Our reporter will be on hand to bring a track-by-track report as soon as the playback has taken place, at 10am in a secret location in north London.

In other Radiohead news, mystery surrounds a press release, supposedly from the US, which has been “leaked.” It claims that the release of ‘Kid A’ will be accompanied by, amongst other things, a direct link to ‘Lost Children’ – a hidden website containing constantly changing Radiohead rarities, a “four-hour webcast at the end of August from the band’s studio in Oxford” and a live performance at the Air studios in London on September 4-5 for 200-300 invited guests.

A UK spokesperson for the band has been unable to confirm or deny the authenticity of the “press release”.

She told that some of the information on the release was “definitely true”, such as the band producing a series of animated “video blips” which will be used for Internet and regional promotion, but questioned the other, more ambitious claims on the release.

There is currently no confirmation on the official Radiohead website,, and the more credible unofficial band sites, such have dismissed the release as a hoax.

-from the NME


Kid A Radiohead Thom Yorke

News for July 21, 2000

“I’ve Seen it All”

The fine folks at have the new song, “I’ve Seen it All”, to download. The song is a duet with Bjork and Thom for Bjork’s upcoming movie, Dancer in the Dark. “I’ve Seen it All” will be available on the soundtrack for the movie, Selmasongs, September 15.

[many thanks to Lunargirl]

Secret Track on Kid A

Kid A was played to members of the Press in LA and NYC yesterday. Here’s the latest from the ever reputable NME:

RADIOHEAD gave the general public the first chance to hear their eagerly-awaited new album, ‘KID A’ last night, and were there.

‘Kid A’ received its first playbacks to selected members of the press in the American cities of Los Angeles and New York.

One member of the press who was present and heard the album told “Not surprisingly, the album shows the band taking even more experimental risks, but they make the trip worthwhile, ranging from layered washes on the instrumental ‘Treefingers’ to harder-edged, percussive electronica on ‘Idioteque’.”

Amusingly, the tracklisting given to the press included part of a note sent to publicists which explained that the reason the album title has been announced so early, was because of the quality of news reporting on

It said: “The reason we are sending this information to you right now is because our hand has been forced by NME newspaper in the UK who are fighting hard to get every conceivable piece of information about the band first and put it on their website… [which is] actually really worth checking out.”

The final tracklisting for ‘Kid A’ runs: ‘Everything In Its Right Place’, ‘Kid A’, ‘The National Anthem’, ‘How To Disappear Completely’, ‘Treefingers’, ‘Optimistic’, ‘In Limbo’, ‘Idioteque’, ‘Morning Bell’ and ‘Motion Picture SoundtrackÌ. The album also contains a short, secret track at the end.

You can read the article at NME here.

[thanks to SteveEYE]

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