Rolling Stone

Well, apparently the Rolling Stone issue with RH on the cover has already been released! The earlier report about the issue not hitting stands until August 2 came from Capitol Records and is obviously wrong. {thanks to Mortigi’s own username for the scan}

Kid A Radiohead

News for August 2, 2000

More Kid A cover rumors

According to someone who has seen the cover for Kid A, the art is composed of white mountains with sharp peaks and blue shadows. The mountains are transparent and there appears to be a city inside the base. Behind the mountains is the sky, which is black with three small red clouds.

OK Computer Radiohead The Bends Thom Yorke

News for April 11, 1998

The Seven Television Commercials home video was not released on April 7 as I thought it would be. The compilation video featuring 7 of Radiohead’s wonderful music videos will most likely be released on April 21.

Speaking of April 21, the Airbag/ How am I Driving EP is going to be released that day too. It is already available to you Canadians. Check your local record shops.

Radiohead’s Nice Dream (which was released on their second album, The Bends,) recently appeared in a Korean movie titled “Bye Jun”. The movie examines teenage wandering. The soundtrack is enjoying great popularity in Korea while the movie is receiving unfavorable reviews. Thanks to

For those of you that want a good laugh, click here for some Thom comics.

A certain hip hop band named Credit to the Nation is covering Radiohead’s High and Dry. Enough said.
thanks to Thomas Noller.

Radiohead will be on MTV’s 120 Minutes on April 20.