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Moby covers “Creep”

During a concert in Helsinki on October 2nd, Moby decided to cover Radiohead’s “Creep”. He introduced the song by saying, “The best song of this band and they never play it, that’s why I’ll play it now.”

(thanks to Satu)

Radiohead tour

Setlist for last night

Radiohead wrapped up their Portugal tour last night in Oporto, where they played a full set of both new and older songs. They surprised us all by closing the concert with “Creep”! For the setlist, click here.

The band will next perform in Spain on July 30th.

Pablo Honey Radiohead

Eddie Vedder’s “Creep”

The Pearl Jam site the sky i scrape has a mp3 of Eddie Vedder and Sean “Birdman” Gould performing Radiohead’s “Creep.” You can find the mp3 in the “multimedia” section of the site.

(thanks to Todd)

Pablo Honey Radiohead

Radiohead on VH1 Tonight!

Tonight you’re in for a treat! VH1 is airing the musical portions of the Arsenio Hall show in a series called Arsenio Jams and tonight they will be airing the performance of “Creep” Radiohead did back in 1993. This performance was their first ever on US television and you’ll get to see Thom with his long blond hair so you may want to send the kids to another room if they get frightened easily. Hehe…

The fun begins at 7:30pm ET and it will re-air later tonight at 11:30pm ET.

{thanks to Paul, Monica, threepberry, Keith, & Rahel}

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I Might Be Wrong EP

Planet Telex is reporting that “the next UK single from ‘Amnesiac’ will be ‘I Might Be Wrong’. It will be an 8-track EP with a mixture of new studio tracks and live tracks, which is likely to include versions of ‘Like Spinning Plates’ and ‘True Love Waits’.”

Additionally, the UK music industry magazine, Music Week, is saying that the single will be released in the UK on October 15. {thanks to Graham}

A video for “I Might Be Wrong” will also be released.

XFM Top 104 List
Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ has crashed into the top spot in this year’s X-List. Coming in at No. 25 last year, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ knocked last year’s winners, Radiohead , off the top spot. They do manage to cling on at at Number 2 although not with the X-List 2000 winner, ‘Just’ but with ‘Creep’, up 34 places from last year. Here’s how Radiohead did:

#2. Radiohead – ‘Creep’ (last year: 36)
#9. Radiohead – ‘Just’ (1)
#16. Radiohead – ‘Paranoid Android’ (New)
#37. Radiohead – ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ (16)

Read the full list… {thanks to amadeep}

Pablo Honey Radiohead tour

And it ended with “Creep”

Here’s the setlist of Radiohead’s performance at the Oxford South Park show earlier today. Reviews are on the way!!!! {thanks to all the people who sent setlists in… too many to name!}

In case you missed the concert or the Webcast, XFM Online will have it available “on demand” starting July 9 until July 15.