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Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

Lot’s of Thom news lately, huh?

In case you’re living under a rock, two new Thom Yorke tracks were released. The song “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” was released on limited edition 12″ vinyl last week. If you haven’t heard the song, which used to be called “Reckoner” before the new “Reckoner” was recorded, then take a listen below.

There is also a video for the flipside track, “The Hollow Earth”. It was created by Raymond Salvatore Harmon and uses imagery from Banksy. From what we understand, this is not an “official promo” for the song.

Stanley Donwood Thom Yorke

Stanley Donwood on artwork for “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses”

Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

Stanley wrote us today about the artwork for “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” (or “feelingpulledapartbyhorses” as he and Thom write it). He says there is some vagueness and lack of information about the sleeve for the album, and for good reason:

“its all black ink. no colour. the outer sleeve is lasercut into the design of woodcut lines. the inner sleeve is a design made with spraypaint. when you pull the sleeve out a tiny wonder occurs. it doesnt translate well to digital form. youll need a record player to get the most out of the release.”

We can’t wait to see what the “tiny wonder” is. You can pre-order the 12 inch vinyl and see how cool this will be for yourself by heading to the w.a.s.t.e. shop.

Jonny Greenwood Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke Confirms Two New Tracks on September 21

Thom wrote on DAS today confirming the rumor that two new tracks will be available to download soon. The rumor had been that September 22 was the release date, but it appears that the 21st is the correct one. Also, Thom makes no mention of either track being associated with the Twilight sequel New Moon. Take it away, Thom:

Dear Sir or Madam

This is to inform you of the release of two more bits of work shortly.
They are loosely under the Thom Yorke name this time, although these days its all getting kind of blurry.
FeelingPulledApartbyHorses is written & played by Jonny and I and is a radical rework of an old tune thats been kicking around without a home since 2001? i think.
The Hollow Earth is a bass menace that was born out of the Eraser period but needed a little more time.
Both were produced by Nigel Godrich as ever. And mastered by Bob Ludwig.
They are being put out on 12″ with sliced sleeve by Stanley and Tchock.
My sources tell me this will be available from the 21st of September if you’re interested.. On sale in the w.a.s.t.e part of our website (with a gratis download.)
Or you can go buy it in a good record shop if you are lucky enough to have one near you.
Then later on there will be like a normal download thing i think around the 6th of Oct through the usual channels.

And so it goes. all the best


In addition to this, Thom will performing at the Age of Stupid event on September 21. From Paste Magazine:

The U.S. premiere of director Franny Armstrong’s eco docudrama, The Age of Stupid, will be bolstered by a unique worldwide, in-theater event on Sept. 21, including live satellite coverage of field scientists across the globe, spanning from New York, to the Himalayas and all the way to a remote, Indonesian rain forest.

The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York is hitting 444 movie theaters nationwide and begins with a viewing of the film, a dramatization that forecasts the state of life on Earth decades into the future, where warnings of climate change were ignored over the years. The story is told through a global archivist in 2055, played by Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (Usual Suspects).

A panel discussion will follow the showing, and will feature an interesting mix of world-renown scientists, political figures and celebrities, including former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson. The event will wrap up with a performance by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, who will be playing an acoustic version of the film’s title track.

The evening’s most resourceful festivity will be a live, green-carpet procession in New York’s Winter Garden, where guests will breeze in via bicycle, solar car, rickshaw, sailboats (!?) and other green means of transportation.

The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York is presented by NCM Fathom and Spanner Films in high definition. It debuts Sept. 21 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. Tickets are available at participating theaters and online at

Because of the same date, it’s easier for us to think that “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” and “The Hollowed Earth” have nothing to do with New Moon, and everything to do with Age of Stupid. What do you think?

Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

Debut of “Reckoner”!

Radiohead played a brand new song called “Reckoner” to the Gorge audience last night. It may also be called “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses”. Click here for the full setlist. {thanks to Eric}

You can download a mp3 of “Reckoner” at

There is an interview with Thom in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. {thanks to Joanne}