Radiohead tour

Glasto 97

Head on over to to hear serveral songs from Glastonbury 1997. The full show will be streamed on Sunday!

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Radiohead tour

Radiohead to play Glastonbury 2002 is reporting that Radiohead will be playing next year’s Glastonbury Festival along with Coldplay, The Strokes, Rod Stewart, and more. {thanks to Phil}

Radiohead tour

Radiohead to play Glastonbury 2002?

The NME and Ananova both think so. {thanks to Chris & Gabi}

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News for June 6, 2000

Lot’s of things going on with Radiohead… The band has been doing interviews and press conferences for the last week and today Jonny and Colin appeared on the German radio station Einslive. They talked about Muse, claiming that they had never heard their music, which is surprising because Muse is often compared to Radiohead.

Jonny and Colin also talked about the upcoming “tent tour” and mentioned that the album was finished and will be released in October. If anyone has anymore info about the interview, give me an email.

Meanwhile, tomorrow an interview with Colin will be aired on Radio21, a Belgian radio station. Colin originally gave the interview on May 29, 2000. The interview will air at 6 pm (GMT +1) on the show “5 Heures”. [from]

Another interview featuring Colin and Jonny appears in the newest issue of Humo, a Belgian magazine. The two talk about tour plans and some of the strange methods of which they used to record the new album. If anyone has this issue and is willing to translate the article, email me.

Thom is interviewed by The Frame. Go and read it at
MPIE re-released on DVD

Grant Gee’s documentary that follows the band on their OK Computer tour of 1997 and 1998 will be re-released on DVD throughout Europe on Monday.

Glastonbury Man
BBC2 will be airing a documentary about Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis. The show will broadcast at 7:50 pm on June 24, and will contain an interview with Thom Yorke, along with other artists.

You can read the full NME article by going to
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Artwork for new album done
Stanley Donwood made an appearance on the official message board today and said that the artwork was finished:
“so we finished the artwork
and i feel very strange
[what happened to the last couple of years]
kind of pleased
kind of sad
overall though
its been a pleaure
i hope weve been fun

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News for February 2, 2000

Interview with Nigel Godrich

NigelRadiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich, who’s also produced albums for artists such as Beck, Pavement, and Natalie Imbruglia, is interviewed in this months Les Inrockuptibles, a French music magazine.

When asked about the upcoming Radiohead album, Nigel said,”We’re starting to have a better idea. We spent all 1999 looking for a direction, experimenting and, at the end of the year, we realized that finally had an great lead. I don’t know if we’ll get it to the end, but at least now we have a roadmap.”

He then went on to say,”During the recordings, we’ve been perturbed by external considerations. It’s been four years since we met together in the studio and, in this hostile environment, we felt uncomfortable and in danger. To relieve the stress at first, it was tempting to use the recipes we know work. Therefore, we had to unlearn and get out of the routine. The first step was to break the mould and find new working ways. Look at the Beatles: they reinvented themselves at each album – the only way to ensure longevity. An artist has the duty to always express new ideas, or else he stutters and drivels. Of course, sometimes, some explored ways were wrong. We once thought about not using any guitars on this album, but that’s was just a way to force ourselves out. Since they triumphed with a so-called complicated album as OK Computer they have an unbelievable freedom. They can try anything. But with so much room to maneuver has it’s bad side: we’ll have no excuses if we mess up. It’s frightening and fascinating at the same time. Our future is really in our hands, it’s our only responsibility.”

To read the full interview, click here.
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Ed: “We are not playing this year.”
Ed stated in his latest diary entry that the band were not going to play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. “There have been a few rumours flying around that we are, so we thought we’d better say something sooner rather than later. It would however be great to play it another year…”

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News for January 24, 2000

EMI and Warner to Merge.

Radiohead’s record label, EMI, and the Time Warner Group will announce today that they will merge their companies to form one of the world’s largest record labels in a deal worth about $20 billion. You may remember that it was only less than two weeks ago when AOL announced that it would buy Time Warner. The combined company will cut the number of major record companies to 4.

Thom commented on the merger while on the official message board: “That fucking sucks and i am deeply worried and angry and helpless. Bastards.”

At this time we do not know if the merger will affect Radiohead in anyway. Stay tuned to Green Plastic for the latest news.

You can read more about the merger at the following sites:
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Radiohead not to play Glastonbury
The official Glastonbury Festival website is reporting that Radiohead will not be performing at this year’s festival:
“Further information about that ongoing and ever growing Radiohead rumour….. record company insiders have let us know that, due to their album not being finished in time, Radiohead will not be performing this year.”

They go on to say that the information was not from official sources.
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Dancing Up the Walls
You might have heard about Denise Clarke, the woman who has put on a “physical lecture” to Radiohead’s OK Computer. The woman is running a show in Calgary, Canada, called Radioheaded, in which she dances to the full album.

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Radiohead in Newsweek
Radiohead is mentioned in an article about U2 singer Bono’s help with relieving third-world debt:
“Shriver’s brother-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger made calls to key Republicans, including House Budget Committee chairman John Kasich. ‘John Kasich started raving about Radiohead,’ says Shriver with a laugh, referring to the British alternative-rock band. ‘I said, ‘Did Arnold put you up to this?’ Then I realized Arnold doesn’t know who the hell Radiohead is.”
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More of those poll things…

The band were listed in the Atlanta entertainment paper, Insite. They were included in a list of 20 “talents we can’t wait to watch in the 21st century.” Here is the top 5:
1. Angelina Jolie (actress)
2. Sam Mendes (director, American Beauty)
3. Radiohead (band)
4. Beth Orton (singer)
5. Chuck Palahniuk (writer, Fight Club)
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