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News for June 6, 2000

Lot’s of things going on with Radiohead… The band has been doing interviews and press conferences for the last week and today Jonny and Colin appeared on the German radio station Einslive. They talked about Muse, claiming that they had never heard their music, which is surprising because Muse is often compared to Radiohead.

Jonny and Colin also talked about the upcoming “tent tour” and mentioned that the album was finished and will be released in October. If anyone has anymore info about the interview, give me an email.

Meanwhile, tomorrow an interview with Colin will be aired on Radio21, a Belgian radio station. Colin originally gave the interview on May 29, 2000. The interview will air at 6 pm (GMT +1) on the show “5 Heures”. [from]

Another interview featuring Colin and Jonny appears in the newest issue of Humo, a Belgian magazine. The two talk about tour plans and some of the strange methods of which they used to record the new album. If anyone has this issue and is willing to translate the article, email me.

Thom is interviewed by The Frame. Go and read it at
MPIE re-released on DVD

Grant Gee’s documentary that follows the band on their OK Computer tour of 1997 and 1998 will be re-released on DVD throughout Europe on Monday.

Glastonbury Man
BBC2 will be airing a documentary about Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis. The show will broadcast at 7:50 pm on June 24, and will contain an interview with Thom Yorke, along with other artists.

You can read the full NME article by going to
[thanks to Neil]

Artwork for new album done
Stanley Donwood made an appearance on the official message board today and said that the artwork was finished:
“so we finished the artwork
and i feel very strange
[what happened to the last couple of years]
kind of pleased
kind of sad
overall though
its been a pleaure
i hope weve been fun

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News for May 30, 2000

Colin and Jonny were in Holland yesterday to be interviewed on 3FM radio. You can listen to the interview in RealAudio over at Planet Telex.

During the interview, words like “dark” were used to described the new album. They recorded close to 40 songs and will have to choose from those. Jonny then went on to say that “if you like things like ‘Exit Music (for a film)’, ‘Talk Show Host’ and ‘Airbag’ you will like the new album, because it’s got songs similar to that. And also some experimentation with electronic music as well that we’re sort of getting into.”

When asked why they were bringing their own tent, Jonny said, “We don’t want to play in those venues that are designed for sport and have Coca-Cola adverts everywhere. That’s not what we want to do, really.”

The band were also asked why they weren’t going to play the Pinkpop and other festivals to which Colin replied, “The important reason for not playing Pinkpop is that we’ve already played Glastonbury before the release of OK Computer and we just don’t repeat what we’ve done before and which is playing a big festival before the release of an album.”
Jonny mentioned that they had about 7 possible titles that they are considering for the new album.

During the interview, it was confirmed that Radiohead will be playing in Holland on September 15, 2000. They will be playing at the Goffertpark, in Nijmegen. Tickets are on sale now at

Meanwhile, over in Spain…
While Jonny and Colin were in Holland, Ed and Phil were giving a press conference in Spain. Ed said that they were not going to reveal any information about the new album early, but could say that their decision to use a string orchestra for songs like “Dollars and Cents” and “How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found” and an 8-piece brass ensemble was because “we don’t want to repeat ourselves because we find it boring.”

For more information on this press conference, head on over to IndyRock.

New album to be released in October?

Music365 is reporting that they have received confirmation from a Radiohead spokesperson that the new album will be released this October. Go and read the article at

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News for May 26, 2000

The European tour begins on September 1, 2000 and will end on Friday, October 13.

Part of this tour will include a stop at the Werchter Festival Site in Belgium, on September 11. You can already purchase tickets for the show at

Tickets will be 1200 BEF for advanced booking. Venus is rumored to opening up for Radiohead.

More dates for the UK and Ireland, along with other European cities, will be announced soon!

Here is what the press is saying:
(many thanks to Benrio and Tiquey)

Radiohead on Radio
Radiohead will be guests on Monday’s ‘Isabelle’. This show will be broadcast on radio 3FM in the Netherlands. The show starts at 20:00 and ends at 22:00 hrs. You will be able to listen to the show via RealAudio. In case you miss it, the radio station usually archives their shows for about a week. The RealAudio link is
(thanks to Benrio)

Hear “I’ve Seen It All”
You can hear a live version of the Bjork song “I’ve Seen It All”, without Thom, by clicking

This is the song that Thom and Bjork have done together for the upcoming Dancer in the Dark soundtrack. Thom does not appear on this version.

Unbelievable Jonny
Did you know that Jonny actually played on an Unbelievable Truth song? It’s true. Back in 1993 Jonny recorded the lead guitar for a song called “Sharing” with Andy Yorke (Thom’s brother) and Nigel Powell for their band, the Unbelievable Truth. You can download a mp3 of the tune by going to

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News for March 24, 2000

Another Webcast

Radiohead held another webcast last night and at one point over 1000 people were tuning in, making it difficult for many to watch it without the dreaded “net congestion” popping up. The festivities began around 4pm EST and lasted until about 8:30pm. Thom and Jonny played DJ again, spinning some of their favorite tracks from various artists. Only one new Radiohead song was performed live. The title is still a bit sketchy but it contains the words “Wicked Child”, so we’ll just call it that for now.

Here’s a tracklist of the songs Jonny and Thom played:

Schizm – Track #2 Mix
Christian Vogel – Mosquito 10
This Is Mike Ink – Polka Trax 4
Christoph De Babalon – On The Block (Meet Him)

Country Preacher – Cannonball Adderly
Telephone Thing – The Fall
The Ink Spots – Java Jive
It’s Not Love – Talking Heads

Le Tigre – Hot Topic
Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me
Ad Vans vs. Gescom – Viral
Andrea Parker – Unconnected
Wevie Stonder – Questionable ( how ironic!)
Autechre – Various Artists 8.5 (fat cat)
Talking Heads – Cross Eyed and Painless

La Fille Du Pere Noel – Jacques Dutronc
St James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong
Lulu Suite – Berg
Pahu Tahiti – Tearapo
? – 13th Floor Elevators
Laser Attack – Scientist
Where Is My Mind – Pixies

Alder & Elins – Digital Toddler
Autechre – 777
Justin Berkon – The Juice
Autechre – Rae
Can – ?
Funkstorung rmx of Wu Tang Clan
Faust – Skinhead
Autechre – tortoise rmx

Down By The River – Neil Young
Faust Tapes – Faust
Limbo – Nina and Frederick
Prayer Metin – -Jimmy Smith
Groovin’ with – The Soulful Strings
Jazz Raga – Gabor Szabo
So Lonely – Tim bricky

Squarepusher/ Aphex Twin – FHM Acid
Gescom – Keynell
Can – Moonshake

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News for March 15, 2000

To Get Your Taste Buds Going…

Radiohead’s own Jonny “DJ Respect” Greenwood is rumored to be helping out with Brian Eno on Bryan Ferry’s new album. There is no date yet for release. Here is what the French culture magazine Les Inrockuptibles said about it:

“Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno are in the same boat. A fews months after the release of his wonderful ‘As Time Goes By’, Bryan Ferry is getting back to work on a new album. Brian Eno, another one from Roxy Music, will be there, and also Jonny Greenwood, guitarist from Radiohead, who’ll fulfill a child dream : play with the legendary duo from Roxy Music, one of his favourite band.”
(thanks to Xavier)

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News for February 11, 2000

What a night! The band put on their second webcast last night and left us all wanting more! At around 6pm Eastern time, Radiohead set up their turntables and video cameras and partied for almost 4 hours!

The evening was full of excitement. Ed, Phil, and Colin took turns playing DJ, while the others danced around (Go Mel!) and sat by the fire outside. The highlight of the evening was definitely the introduction of three new songs. Thom, Jonny, and Phil had a little jam session which was incredible, called “There there”, by Thom. That was followed later by Jonny and his electronic toys.

The band got together at the end and played another new song with Ed on vocals, even though he wasn’t really singing. “Ed was pulling wurds out of the magic top hat which i use,” said Thom.