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News for February 9, 2000

Ed’s online diary has been updated again with all the latest on the recording process. Here’s an excerpt:

“what an amazing day. fantastic string arrangements by jonny and what players. many many thanks are due to john lubbock(who conducted and organised) and the string players from the orchestra of st. john’s, smith square. the whole session was the complete antithesis to the ok computer experience; firstly rather than de-camping to some london studio we used an old abbey near us with the most fantastic acoustics to record in. i think nigel was totally blown away by the whole sound of it. but most importantly john and the players were so enthusiastic about it all…..jonny has certain things that he wants/wanted to try out that aren’t your usual string arrangements. and rather than dismiss his ideas ( which is what happened on the ok computer session) they were open-minded enough to try them.”

Ed also mentions that the master tape of “Innocents Civilian” has come up missing. Nigel had this to say on the official message board:

“Personally I think we have a bit of a tape labelling/catalogueing user interface error, but certain others are somewhat freaking about it. I’m sure it’ll turn up.”

OK, go and read the rest of the diary.

Another new and unreleased song has been found copyrighted. The song “I Will” joins “Follow Me Around”, “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any), and “Living in a Glass House” as possible finished songs that are copyrighted with Warner/Chappell.

Also, two unknown songs were found copyrighted by Jonny Greenwood: “Jet” and “Tinitus”. (click on each song to view the description from Warner/Chappell)
Again, this is no indication on what songs will be on the new album.
(thanks to Xavier)

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News for December 14, 1999

Lord! More article about the webcast, courtesy of the ever attentive Xavier, are at VH-1, Music365, Chart Attack, and those crazy Ink Blot guys. 🙂
And speaking of the webcast, expect more of them in the future. This is one of the latest additions in Ed’s Diary:

“first ‘live’ performance in front of an audience for exactly (and strangely) a year…… was early morning so it was the 10th. it started with jonny (aka DJ REQUIRED) and thom’s dj set and then a last minute executive decision was made to play ‘knives out’ around the xmas tree. ‘amateur hour’ will hopefully become a regular night for us – but will be different each time – there will however be ongoing items like phil’s puppet show. for those who don’t know what i’m going on about – we did a live web broadcast to about 250 people – courtesy of tim bran and those lovely people at the ninja tunes label.”

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News for December 1, 1999

Radiohead made it on MTV’s “100 Greatest Videos Ever Made” special. “Fake Plastic Trees” came in at # 77. You can watch the countdown on December 6th through December 11th at 8PM Est.

Maybe you’d like to check out the new pictures that were taken and messed up by Jonny? They are quite nice and hopefully there will be more. This is what Stan (the Man) had to say:

“theyre jonnys photos done with liquid light onto scrappy peices of paper
hes going to do some more but i dont know how soon theyll be up in that gallery
ps youre supposed to imagine the music from ‘the gallery’ in take hart/vision on while you look at them”

Why don’t you go take a look.

If you’re a member of w.a.s.t.e., be on the look out for an email in the coming days. If you have no idea what w.a.s.t.e. is or would like to join it, go there.

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News for July 13, 1999

According to an EMI spokesperson the new Radiohead album will have a totally new sound. Over 40 new songs are finished. Now it’s a matter of choosing the songs that will go onto the album and then finishing the production of them. Jonny has bought himself a new toy to play with in the studio: a sequencer. With this he’ll be able to produce even more odd noises than his guitar and organ would let him. Our sources at EMI also informed us that the soundtrack to the BBC series “Eureka Street” probably will not be released on the EMI label. That said, they will pay attention to the soundtrack as it adds to the credibility of the band.

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News for June 26, 1999

Ok, back from vacation… let’s sum up:

In case you haven’t noticed, the official Radiohead website designed by the amazing Stanley Donwood has been updated with a whole new look with lots of irrelevant goodies. Take the day off from work and explore!

Happy Birthday to Colin who turns 30 today! He recently got married also in the U.S. Way to go Colin! Phil has become a father! His wife gave birth to a baby boy. If you would like to write to either Colin or Phil, or any band member for that matter, write to them at:

w.a.s.t.e. products
PO Box 322
United Kingdom

“Meeting People is Easy” is selling very well in the U.S. Here is the latest Billboard Top Video Sales report:

“Austin Powers,” New Line Home Video
“You’ve Got Mail,” Warner Home Video
“Alien Resurrection,” Fox Video
“Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy,” Capitol Video
“A Bug’s Life,” Walt Disney Home Video

Thom played an amazing acoustic set aided by Jonny at the Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 13 in Amsterdam. They started off with a new song with Thom on piano. The song has no known title and has the lyrics ‘Nothing to fear / Nothing to die for’ in it. If you’ve visited the updated official Radiohead website you may notice that this page has those lyrics. Thom and Jonny also played “Street Spirit”, “Wear it Proudly” (an Elvis Costello cover), “Lucky”, “Karma Police”, and “Exit Music”.

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News for April 9, 1999

It looks like a box set called “Good Karma” full of Radiohead’s b-sides may be released in the future.  A few online music stores (amazon, best buy) lists it to be released next year.  This may or may not be from Parlophone, Radiohead’s record label, and it will probably be available only in the UK.  This is all the info I know.  I’ll post more when it comes in.

The new Pavement album, “Terror Twilight”, will be released on June 8.  You may recall that Jonny provided the harmonica part on a few songs.

The Amnesty International concert that Radiohead took part in last December will be available soon on video on DVD.  It has been showing on Pay-per-view in the US but only contains 3 of the 10 songs Radiohead performed.  No word if the video will contain more footage and there is no release date set.
The new official Radiohead website should be up and running soon.  Stanley Donwood, Radiohead’s art guru, has been working hard on making the site.
Finally, I will be attending the screening of “Meeting People is Easy” in Chicago next Thursday at the Music Box.  I’ll most likely see the midnight showing also on Friday.  If you are going also, feel free to say hi.