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Last week we told you about the Radiohead tribute album that is due to be released soon. A video for “Just” has appeared online which you can view here. The video is set to a montage of animated London graffiti.

The cover was done by Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet).

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Old RH live videos

MTV France has 4 old-school (Phil has hair!) live Radiohead videos on their website. You can watch the band perform “You”, “My Irong Lung”, “Just”, and cover Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better”. Definitely go and check them out!

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I Might Be Wrong EP

Planet Telex is reporting that “the next UK single from ‘Amnesiac’ will be ‘I Might Be Wrong’. It will be an 8-track EP with a mixture of new studio tracks and live tracks, which is likely to include versions of ‘Like Spinning Plates’ and ‘True Love Waits’.”

Additionally, the UK music industry magazine, Music Week, is saying that the single will be released in the UK on October 15. {thanks to Graham}

A video for “I Might Be Wrong” will also be released.

XFM Top 104 List
Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ has crashed into the top spot in this year’s X-List. Coming in at No. 25 last year, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ knocked last year’s winners, Radiohead , off the top spot. They do manage to cling on at at Number 2 although not with the X-List 2000 winner, ‘Just’ but with ‘Creep’, up 34 places from last year. Here’s how Radiohead did:

#2. Radiohead – ‘Creep’ (last year: 36)
#9. Radiohead – ‘Just’ (1)
#16. Radiohead – ‘Paranoid Android’ (New)
#37. Radiohead – ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ (16)

Read the full list… {thanks to amadeep}

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News for August 30, 2000

Radiohead Confirmed to play Saturday Night Live

Radiohead has been confirmed to perform Oct. 14 on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” program, in support of the U.K. act’s long-awaited fourth album, “Kid A,” due on Capitol Oct. 2 internationally and a day later in North America. The brief U.S. visit will come less than a week after the band wraps a month-long European tour with a three-night stand Oct. 5-8 in Kildare, Ireland. The trek begins this Friday (Sept. 1) with the first of two shows at the Tredegar House in Newport, South Wales, U.K.

No proper North American tour dates have yet been scheduled, although rumors are swirling that Radiohead will turn up for surprise shows in New York and Los Angeles while its members are in the U.S. Billboard’s Sept. 16 issue will feature an interview with the band.

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Can’t make it to a playback of Kid A? No sweat…

The fine folks at will be streaming the whole album on September 18. In order for you to listen, you have to be a member of their eChart newsletter. You can subscribe to the eChart for free by going to Information will soon be mailed to you about the streaming party and also to links to more Radiohead blips.

Radiohead is in Time

That’s right… you heard me. The Oxford five have made it into the pages of Time magazine. The September 4th issue, which features upcoming Autumn musical releases, has this to say about Radiohead:

Rock is dead. Rock is alive. Meaningful music is over. Meaningful music never mattered more. The British band Radiohead’s new CD, Kid A, out Oct. 3, arrives like Mark Antony delivering Caesar’s funeral oration: it comes not to praise rock but to bury it. The songs defy convention and categorization: one track, The National Anthem, begins like a full-on rock number, with a throbbing bass guitar and aggressive percussion, before the tune bursts open and jazzy horns tumble out. This is an album about atmosphere and mood, not easy hooks and catchy choruses. Listening to Kid A is like hearing one’s own heart– you feel every beat intimately. And you never want it to stop.

You can read the article here.

Radiohead’s “Just” voted best song of all time

The British radio station, XFM, held their annual poll of their listener’s favorite tracks of all time. Radiohead came in at first with their song “Just” from The Bends. Here’s the top ten:

1 Radiohead – ‘Just’
2 Davis Bowie – ‘Life On Mars’
3 Nirvana – ‘Heart Shaped Box
4 Stone Roses – ‘I Am The Resurrection’
5 Oasis – ‘Live Forever’
6 Ian Dury – ‘Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll’
7 Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Give It Away’
8 Coldplay – ‘Yellow’
9 Travis – ‘Writing To Reach You’
10 Clash – ‘London Calling’

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Watch Juice

Make sure to keep your eye on today as they were one of only three media publications that were granted an interview with Thom Yorke. The other two were Q magazine (UK) and Spin (US). Juice, an Australian magazine, has this on their site:

Radiohead`s eagerly awaited new album is on its way and JUICE magazine has just completed one of only three interviews with Thom Yorke worldwide — and it`s an Australian exclusive!

Last night, our roving journo in the mother country, Lauren Zoric, sat down with Thom Yorke for a DNM (deep and meaningful) chat at a Cardiff cafe. It was Yorke’s first interview to promote the album and one of only three worldwide he has agreed to. The others are for Q (UK) and Spin (US).

Zoric, still on cloud nine after her major score, described the interview — which lasted for more than an hour — as “revealing.” We’ll have more details to tantalise you with tomorrow, so watch this space.

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News for May 4, 2000

Meeting People is Easy Showing at Amherst College

Grant Gee’s documentary and film about Radiohead and their OK Computer tour of 1997/98 will be showing at the Stirn Auditorium at Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. The film will be showing tomorrow night (May 05) at midnight. (check above for update)

(thanks to Amanda)

Another Attempt at TRL
Members of the official Radiohead message board are organizing another attempt to get MTV to play a Radiohead video on their popular request show, Total Request Live. This time, however, the video for “Just” will be the one to vote for. The plan is to have everyone vote on May 11, and you can vote by going to the TRL page at at

TRL airs daily at 3:30 p.m. (ET)

OK Computer Radiohead The Bends

News for January 5, 2000

Well, a new year! Just think, I can now say that the new album will be released this year! OK, enough!

The Grammy nominees were announced yesterday and Radiohead has been nominated for their tour documentary, Meeting People is Easy. The film is nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video award. Other nominees include:

Don’t Stop (Gloria Estefan), The Making of “Ride With Bob” (Asleep at the Wheel), Band of Gypsys – Live at the Fillmore East (Jimi Hendrix), and Popmart – Live From Mexico City (U2).

You can catch the Grammy Awards this February 23, 2000. The complete list of nominees is listed here.

And now for the polls… recently featured their “Best of the Millennium” poll and Radiohead’s OK Computer came in at #20.
French monthly mag Rock & Folk has their “Ideal Record Collection of the Century.” OK Computer, along with other released albums, were chosen for the best of 1997. [thanks Xavier]
Canada’s music channel, MuchMusic, has Radiohead’s “Just” #12 in their top 100 videos of the century. [thanks Michael]
MTV Asia has four Radiohead videos in their top 200 list: “Just” (#94), “Fake Plastic Trees” (#84), “Street Spirit” (#52), “Paranoid Android” (#40), “Karma Police” (#34), and “No Surprises” (#4). [thanks to Dave]

And finally, the Jubilee 2000 Coalition has recently put out the “People’s Millennium Write-down Book,” a book in which people can write down their feelings about debt in the third world. Thom, who supports Jubilee 2000, wrote this in the book:

ÏAAAAAAARGH Dinosaurs are roaming the earth. Stop them before they destroy us all !!!!! Please realise we the population of this planet are very concerned about the faceless unaccountable forces now ruling the planet like giant cranes roaming the earth kalasnikovs in hand killing indiscriminately. Please help us… thank you.”

You too can sign the book and show your support for this important organization. There are many locations throughout the UK in which you can sign it. Go here for the locations. You can also sign it online here.