Amnesiac Radiohead tour


We got a email from the lovely people at w.a.s.t.e. saying that there will be a ticket lottery for the August 7 show at Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl show on August 20. Here are more details.

Knives Out video
This actually should be posted on the “rumors” page but what the hell. The video just wrapped up being shot in Paris, France with Thom and actress Emma DeCaunes. The two are shown arguing in a train and a hospital, with images of blood and scars. The video is being directed by Michel Gondry and should be released soon. Should be interesting… {thanks to Jonathan}

Amnesiac Kid A Radiohead tour

Radiohead Get Real With ‘Knives Out’ Video

Radiohead are working on the video for their next single, “Knives Out,” and the clip will feature real human beings for a change.

Following the abstract cartoon “iBlips” from Kid A and the computer-animated video for the U.K. single “Pyramid Song,” the band decided to go live action on this outing. Directed by Michel Gondry who helped Bjork achieve her quirky vision in the videos for “Human Behaviour,” “Hyperballad” and “Bachelorette,” among others the video features an appearance by lead singer Thom Yorke himself. From Sonicnet. {thanks to Luke and Charlie}

If you live in Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana you can enter this contest for tickets to the Chicago show from WXRT. {thanks to Steve}

A radio station called 99.1 WHFS in the Washington D.C/Baltimore area is giving away Radiohead tickets to the Bull Run show all this week. To obtain these tickets, one must listen to the radio all week… {thanks to Lisa}

This is from

U2 and RADIOHEAD join forces to raise the plight of AIDS holocaust in Africa.
This week fans are being invited to e-mail politicians and other leaders in the richest countries urging them to direct the IMF and World Bank to cancel the debts they are owed by the poorest countries.
This would free up hundreds of millions of dollars each year to help the fight against AIDS.
As well as lobbying politicians through the internet, supporters are also being invited to the STOP GLOBAL AIDS RALLY on June 23rd in New York.
Musicians, speakers and thousands of campaigners will be calling for urgent action to end the Global AIDS crisis. (Supporters assemble 11am at Washington Square Park (Manhattan) and march to Bryant Park for the rally.)
Campaigners are demanding urgent action ahead of the forthcoming UN summit on AIDS and are demanding a a New Deal on Debt to fight AIDS at the G7 meetings in Rome and Genoa in July.
Please cut, paste and send the e-letter below to the following email addresses of President Bush and other leaders of rich nations – known as the G7.;;;;;;;
Dear G7 leaders
The AIDS holocaust in Africa requires urgent action. When 5,500 Africans die each day from AIDS it is strange that these poor countries still spend more repaying debts than on healthcare. This could be changed if you would agree to direct the IMF and World Bank to cancel the debts they are owed by the poorest countries. This would free up hundreds of millions of dollars each year to help the fight against AIDS.
Please consider this at the forthcoming UN summit on AIDS and agree a New Deal on Debt to fight AIDS at the G7 meetings in Rome and Genoa in July.
Future generations will judge ours by whether we saw the connection between the debt and AIDS crises, and acted to end both decisively.
Yours truly,
For more information about debt visit
For more on the Stop Global AIDS rally visit

{thanks to David}

Check out this article about Radiohead from Reuters. {thanks to Les}

There are some Amnesiac reviews for your reading pleaure at Pitchforkmedia, Indulged, and Adequacy. {thanks to Willem, Chris, and Andrew}

Virgin Radio has updated their Radiohead feature to include an exclusive interview with Virgin DJs Pete and Geoff. Also, visitors can also win copies of Amnesiac (as if you’ve not already got a copy!), listen to some clips from the album, and link through to the video to “Pyramid Song”. Enjoy!

And finally, why don’t you go and download a remix of “Everything in its Right Place” by ROLLMOTTLE!

Amnesiac Radiohead tour

New Zealand

Radiohead’s fifth album, Amnesiac, will be released today in pretty much all of the world. The United States and Canada will get it tomorrow, while New Zealand will have to wait until June 11. Enjoy!!

In video news…
In the latest newsletter from (the UK promo/ad industry mag), they indicated that Michel Gondry is set to direct a promo for Radiohead in June. Gondry has done videos for Bjork, Chemical Brothers, Rolling Stones, and Cibo Matto. For more info about him, check out this site and this site. {thanks to Kevin}

Radiohead has been nominated for the Band of the Year award at this year’s GQ Awards. You can vote for them at {thanks to Christina}
You can now view scans of the Q & A special Thom did with Blender Magazine. {thanks to Sid}

Amnesiac is being featured as Record of the Month at the Portuguese site Coincidentally, Green Plastic is featured as the Site of the Month! 🙂 {thanks to JM}

w.a.s.t.e. is now selling tickets to the shows in Japan. has some photos of the Rock am Ring show and some mp3s of the Rock im Park show.

Speaking of the Rock im Park concert, you can see the setlist here.

There is a midnight showing of “Meeting People is Easy” at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL on June 8 & 9, 15 & 16 (Friday and Saturday nights). Here is the web site for more information. {thanks to Julia}

Here’s the latest press roundup:
– The Dallas Morning News gave Amnesiac a C+. {thanks to Jerry}
Review of Amnesiac by Chicago Tribune. {thanks to Jason}
People Magazine’s review of the new album. {thanks to Aurora}
Nightshift’s review. Amnesiac is also mentioned on this page. {thanks to Karine}