In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Random Radiohead for June 18th

Radiohead - Les Arènes - 14/06/08 - Nîmes
Radiohead in Les Arènes (photo by Samuel Dietz)
Are you keeping up with the tour? We are over at Mortigi Tempo and our gigography, where you can submit your reviews. The band plays the second of two shows tonight in Milan, Italy before heading off to Germany to play the Southside Festival this Friday.

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More from memory lane…. “Lift” and “I Promise”

Spotted by one of our members at Mortigi Tempo, a new video for “Lift” has emerged on YouTube. There’s no information about when and where this was filmed, but our guess is sometime in 1996 when the band were road-testing new material for OK Computer.

Also, from the same show, the super rare, very Roy Orbison-like, “I Promise.”

In Rainbows Radiohead Thom Yorke

Screen shots of “House of Cards” video?

I know we owe you an update on the current tour. Things have been quite crazy here so in the meantime, I would recommend you hanging out at our message board, Mortigi Tempo, for all the latest tour happenings.

For now, we would like to show you these images that Thom posted up at today. Could they be from the new “House of Cards” video that was described as having 3D lasers?

(thanks to Rex)

In Rainbows Radiohead tour

Details on “House of Cards” video


They must have been using SunFest as a diversion!

Running it as if it were a double-secret stealth operation, members of the hot rock band Radiohead filmed their new video on a closed sound stage at the media-oriented G-STAR School near West Palm last weekend.

Known for lacing their Brit brand of rock with electronic sounds and playing concerts against a backdrop of cutting-edge lighting, Radiohead shot the video with something other than a camera, maybe for the first time ever.

“They used 3-D lasers,” says the school’s production coordinator, Ashleigh Cromer. Actually, there were 64 of them, feeding data into a computer that reconstructs images.
For the House of Cards video, the boys starred in a party scene (with milk in glasses) that also featured Pirates of the Caribbean beauty Lauren Maher as frontman Thom Yorke’s love interest.

The band’s tour started Tuesday night at the Cruzan.
(thanks to our members at Mortigi Tempo)


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