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All Radiohead albums now available on iTunes

Radiohead on iTunes
Today all of Radiohead’s albums have been made available to purchase on iTunes. Not only that, but they are available as “iTunes Plus” (read: no DRM). We’re sure the addition of Radiohead’s album catalog has everything to do with EMI’s release of “The Best of Radiohead” compilation, which is also available through iTunes today.

But wait! It appears that all of Radiohead’s music videos are available too. Make sure to check out the “Anyone Can Play Guitar” video if you’ve never seen it. So cringe-worthy, it’s great. I mean, who doesn’t love Phil and Ed dressing like bank robbers and Colin holding iguanas? C’mon!
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OK Computer Radiohead

OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer

Stereogum has put up a covers compilation album called OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer where they asked various artists to record a song from the legendary OK Computer album.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer we’ve asked some of our favorite musicians to participate in a song-by-song covers compilation. Indicative of the album’s continued importance, each invitee jumped at the chance; the results are personal, intense, tellingly various. Slow down, dig in, enjoy. But note: we did this all legal and everything, so we can’t keep these up forever…get ’em before someone else does. Ambition makes you look pretty.

Here’s the tracklist:
Doveman – “Airbag”
Slaraffenland – “Paranoid Android”
Mobius Band – “Subterranean Homesick Alien”
Vampire Weekend – “Exit Music (For a Film)”
David Bazan’s Black Cloud – “Let Down”
John Vanderslice – “Karma Police”
Samson Dalonoga feat. The Found Sound Orchestra – “Fitter Happier”
Cold War Kids – “Electioneering”
The Twilight Sad – “Climbing Up the Walls”
Marissa Nadler feat. Black Hole Infinity – “No Surprises”
My Brightest Diamond – “Lucky”
Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble – “The Tourist”

Go here to download the tracks:

Kid A OK Computer Radiohead The Bends

The RS 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

Radiohead has been included in the Rolling Stone Greatest Albums of All Time. Surprisingly, The Bends(110) was placed before OK Computer(162) which you don’t see very often. Kid A was also named in the poll, coming in at 428. Here are the blurbs written for each one:

The Bends (110)
If the first half of the Nineties was shaped by Nirvana, the template for the second half was set by Radiohead. Though the 1993 smash “Creep,” from their debut, is itself indebted to Kurt Cobain, The Bends, their second album, is less angsty and more operatic, marrying a majestic and somber guitar sound to the virtuosic urgency of Thom Yorke’s vocals. Not yet shying away from guitar anthems, Radiohead draw on the grandeur of U2 and the melancholy of the Smiths and Jeff Buckley. “Fake Plastic Trees” was a radio hit, an introspective acoustic ballad of alienation. But elsewhere, the guitars roar and hiss, establishing Radiohead as the band to beat.

OK Computer (162)
Radiohead recorded their third album in the mansion of actress Jane Seymour while she was filming Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. OK is where the band began pulling at its sound like taffy, seeing what happened, not worrying if it was still “rock.” What results is a slow, haunting album with unforgettable tracks such as “Karma Police.” Said guitarist Jonny Greenwood, “I got very excited at the prospect of doing string parts that didn’t sound like ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ which is what all string parts have sounded like for the past thirty years. . . . We used violins to make frightening white-noise stuff, like the last chord of ‘Climbing Up the Walls.'”

Kid A (428)
Just when they seemed destined to become the next U2, Radiohead made this fractured, twitchy record. Despite esoteric nods to glitchy electronica (“Idioteque”) and free jazz (an eight-horn pileup in “The National Anthem”), they morphed those sounds into a surprisingly accessible elegy to tenderness — and had a hit anyway.

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OK Computer Radiohead

OKC included in Top 200 Albums of All Time list

From Product Shop NYC:

“The National Association of Record Manufacturers and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have fought back with a celebration of the greatest albums ever. The two organizations yesterday released “The Definitive 200,” a list of 200 albums they think every popular-music fan should own.

This list is not based on album sales, amount of awards it won, or anything like that. This is simply the musical tastes of the NARM and R&R Hall of Fame.”

Radiohead’s OK Computer came in at #111. Wow. Both Shania Twain and Creed came in lower.

See the full list here.

I think it’s safe to say that this is the worst music list ever.

OK Computer Radiohead

Rock Fisticuffs: Nirvana vs. Radiohead

okc_vs_nevermind.jpg is having a discussion about which album is more “influential and essential” from the 1990s. Is it Nirvana’s Nevermind or OK Computer from some band called Radiohead. I think you know where we stand.

“Both changed the face of music and gave fans tired of the old “Beatles vs. Rolling Stones” debate something new to nerd out about. Everyone, it seems, has a preference, and some would say that the band you prefer is a reflection of the kind of person you are.”

Go check out the discussion and make sure to read the comments. Our favorite is from “wigga with no aptitude”: “Both of those albums are untouchable… it’s like asking me which testicle do I want to keep… I WANT TO KEEP BOTH OF MY NUTS DAMMIT!… and I love OK Computer and Nevermind just as equally.”

OK Computer Radiohead

More Radiohead tributes

Wow, tis the season for Radiohead tributes!

You probably know about the excellent Exit Music (Radiohead Tribute) (US iTunes | UK iTunes) that came out last April. If not, definitely go and check it out. Last week we told you about the Rockabye Baby tribute that will be coming out this month.

There are two more tributes coming out which you may want to check out. ESCD15.jpg The first one is called Radiodread and is by the Easy Star All-Stars. The tribute is described as “The Complete Reggae Version of Radiohead’s OK Computer” and if you’re a fan of reggae, you won’t be let down. We were sent an advanced copy and though reggae is not our cup of tea, the album is very enjoyable and definitely worth the purchase. More details about the album and instructions on how to pre-order can be seen here.

And finally, we have Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute to Radiohead produced by DJ GYNGYVYTUS. We haven’t heard the tracks yet, but with titles such as “No Sizzuruprises” and “Talk Show Hoes”, who can resist the temptation to check it out?

Fortunately for us, it’s available as a free download at this site.

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