Radiohead tour

Lisbon night #2

The second Lisbon show just wrapped up and instead of doing two sets, the band did one set with the new and old songs together. Radiohead played two new songs called “stand up sit down” “wolf at my door/stepford wives” (these titles may be incorrect as they’re still not confirmed). The full setlist will be available soon.

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Radiohead tour

MP3s from last night

If you’re looking for mp3s of the new songs Radiohead played last night in Lisbon, head on over to Right now, there are four mp3s of new songs floating around: Scatterbrain, Lift, Up the Ladder, and There There.

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Radiohead tour

Full setlist from Lisbon

Radiohead returned to the stage earlier tonight in Lisbon, Portugal and according to reports, did not dissapoint fans. The show was broken up in two sets with the first set consisting of brand new songs and older, more familar songs in the second. Here is the setlist:

First Set:
There There
Up On The Ladder
We Suck Young Blood
Strangely Enough
I Will
Sail to The Moon
A Punch Up At A Wedding

Second Set:
I Might Be Wrong
Morning Bell
Karma Police
You & Whose Army?
No Surprises
Dollars & Cents
The National Anthem
Climbing Up The Walls
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everythig In Its Right Place

Street Spirit
The Bends
How To Disappear
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Radiohead tour

RH starts tour

Tonight, Radiohead will take the stage in Lisbon, Portugal. This will be their first concert in quite some time and we expect that a lot of new material will be played.

Radiohead tour

Supporting band

Domino Records artist Four Tet will apparently be the opening act for the upcoming Radiohead tour in Portugal and Spain. Here’s some background info about Four Tet:

Kieran Hebden is one of those impressive young geniuses whose creative juices flow like Mount Vesuvius. At 17, he co-founded the outstanding post-rock outfit Fridge, and by the following year, had already released an acclaimed solo record as Four Tet. Since then, he’s managed to keep both projects going strong. Both acts forge a middle ground between “pure” electronic music and “post-rock,” with Fridge tending more toward post-rock and Four Tet toward electronic. Four Tet’s combination of acoustic and electronic elements sounds fresh and unique, particularly at a time when so much electronic music is conceived and produced without ever leaving the digital realm. With its extensive use of field recordings and acoustic samples, Four Tet’s music sounds truly organic and alive.

You can download Four Tet’s “No More Mosquitos” here.
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Radiohead tour

No more tour dates

RADIOHEAD have confirmed that they won?t be playing any live shows in the UK until 2003.

The group will play Spain and Portugal during July and August, but have no plans to extend the tour, according to a spokesperson for the band.
The shows are aimed at road-testing new material recorded in studio sessions booked to start later this month. The intention is to play to hardcore fans, rather than what they see would be a larger, potentially more apathetic festival audience. It’s something they‘ve done before prior to the release of ‘Kid A’ they played unusual venues such as amphitheatres across Europe.

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