Radiohead tour

More dates!

Two more tour dates have been added in Portugal:

July 23 Coliseu dos Recreios de Lisboa, Lisbon
July 27 Coliseu do Porto, Oporto

Tickets are available now and depending how fast they sell out, another date may be added. Stay tuned for more info!

Radiohead tour

Portuguese tour dates

The first show in Portugal will be on July 22 instead of July 21, which was originally announced by w.a.s.t.e.

Here’s some ticket info about the shows in Portugal:

22nd July ’02, Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon, Portugal
The show will be general admission: 20,00 ? (17.61$) each ticket
The venue has seats except by the stage.

26th July ’02, Coliseu do Porto, Porto, Portugal
Tickets by the stage: 20? (17.61 $)
Rest of venue: 19,50 ? (17.17 $)
The venue has seats except by the stage.

Ticket sales start Saturday (23 March’02)?only at Fnac stores in Portugal.

Fnac will dedicate a special Radiohead weekend (23 and 24 and March’02). Several videos and MPIE will be shown.

There have been rumors about a third gig (probably in Lisbon) if tickets sell fast.
There are also rumors that additional shows may be happening in Spain. According to someone at the venue, there may be two more shows in San Sebastian on July 31 and August 1. Remember, these are rumors!
{thanks to Daniel & Andoni}

Radiohead tour


The following tour dates were announced by w.a.s.t.e.:

22nd July ’02 Lisbon, Portugal
Coliseum, Rua Portas, Santo Ant?o, 96 – 1100 Lisbon

26th July ’02 Oporto, Portugal
Coliseum, Rua Passos Manuel, 137 – 4000 Porto

30th July ’02 San Sebastian, Spain
Teatro Kursal, Avda. de Zurriola 1. 20002 Donostia-San Sebastian

5th August ’02 Salamanca, Spain
Palacio Congresos, Cuesta Deoviedo s/n Salamanca, 37003

6th August ’02 Salamanca, Spain
Palacio Congresos, Cuesta Deoviedo s/n Salamanca, 37003

7th August ’02 Salamanca, Spain
Palacio Congresos, Cuesta Deoviedo s/n Salamanca, 37003

These shows will be small, intimate affairs, featuring a great deal of new material.

Tickets are available starting Wednesday 20th March ’02 from

General sale tickets will be available from all the usual outlets on Saturday 23rd March ’02 and thereafter…………

Radiohead tour

More info on Portugal

In the past week, Musicnet reported (January 7, 2002) about the return of Radiohead to Portugal, which was announced by the show promotion company, Tourne

Tourne denied contact with the band in an interview with the newspaper “A Capital” last Friday (January 11, 2002). The same newspaper, in yesterday’s edition quotes Tourn?e confirming Radiohead’s return to Portugal in 2002.

It is rumored that Radiohead will perform 3 dates in Portugal sometime in June/July. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Amnesiac Radiohead tour


It appears that Radiohead will begin touring again sometime in June or July in Portugal. is reporting the following (translated from Portuguese):

“Radiohead will return to Portugal this year. Musicnet has learned that one of the biggest Portuguese showbiz production companies, Tourne, is preparing to bring Thom Yorke’s group for 3 concerts, two in the Atlantic Pavillion in Lisbon and the other in Oporto. The gigs will occur around June/July.
Meanwhile, “Amnesiac”, the last LP from Radiohead was considered by the Musicnet’s visitors as the Best 2001 Album.”

This news has also been announced by various other Portuguese media, including Radio Commercial, the largest radio station in Portugal, but has yet to be officialy announced and confirmed by Radiohead’s management.

So far no other dates have been announced but if these Portuguese dates are confirmed, expect others…
{thanks to Daniel}