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Stanley’s New Book

Go here to see some illustrations from Stanley Donwood’s new book. Creepy!

Shynola, the group that directed the “Pyramid Song” video, has some downloads, including a “Pyramid Song” screen saver, for you at their site.

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Ed and Phil with Neil Finn

What a pleasant surprise! Ed and Phil joined Neil Finn earlier tonight on stage at his show in Manchester. Ed played with Finn for six songs while Phil only played drums for two, though he did play the tamborine for the rest. What’s really cool is both Phil and Ed provided backing vocals for Finn’s final number. Phil, we always knew you could sing!! 🙂

There is a great interview in the very first issue of Blender, a new music magazine put out by Maxim. Thom answers questions sent in by fans and even talks about Noah, his son. Check your local newstand.

Take a look at the “Pyramid Song” single cover at

Amnesiac Radiohead

Pyramid Song Video Air Dates

Missed “Pyramid Song” on MTV’s primetime show “MTV2 Presents Videos To Watch?” Have no fear! The show will be re-aired at the following times:

Wednesday, May 9th 5:30 PM
Thursday, May 10th 1:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 7:00 PM
Friday, May 11th 9:30 PM
Sunday, May 13th Midnight
Monday, May 14th 1:00 AM

Amnesiac Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

North American Tour

We just want to make sure everyone is clear about the ticket sales for the first leg of the North American tour. Turn to to pre-order tickets to the first six dates. The pre-sale runs from Thursday, May 10, at 10am ET to Friday, May 11th, 10pm ET. Log on early! A sale to the general public will happen this weekend so to avoid any problems, we would advise you get your tickets through the pre-sale. For a list of the tour dates and more detailed ticket info, check our tour dates page. 🙂

Speaking of MTV, Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” is one of the “Play My Song” videos listed for TRL. You can go here and vote for it to appear on TRL. For some reason MTV goofed and has the title of “Pyramid Song” as “Never Had a Dream Come True”. True, true…
Thom Yorke sits down and talks shop with the NME in their newest issue. Why has Thom decided to once again talk to the magazine after 5 years of ignoring them? “I just got sick of holding grudges basically.” Read more here. is holding a sweet contest that any Radiohead fan will salivate over. 5 lucky winners will win a prize pack with the following goodies:

– 1 Advance Limited Edition copy of ‘Amnesiac’
– 1 Limited Edition copy of ‘Kid A’
– 1 DVD of Radiohead film “Meeting People is Easy”
– 1 CD single for “I Might be Wrong”
– 1 vinyl & 1 CD version of the single for “Idioteque”
– 1 Interview CD with Johnny and Colin Greenwood

There is a catch, however. The winners will get their advance copy of Amnesiac before it’s release so they can put on their own listening party. For more details check here. Please note: The contest is only open to Canadians.

Make sure to check out the great interview Colin and Ed did for Ground Zero at

Amnesiac Radiohead

Pre-order Pyramid Song

You can now pre-order the “Pyramid Song” single from HMV here. The price is $7.99 CDN ($5.26 US)! Go!

Amnesiac Radiohead Stanley Donwood Thom Yorke tour

Pyramid Song Video

– Good news for those in the US who haven’t seen the “Pyramid Song” video yet. On Monday, May 7 at 10pm ET, MTV will premiere the video on their show Videos To Watch. {thanks to Eric}

– As stated yesterday, reports the following:

Radiohead’s publicity representatives have retracted the additional North American tour dates released to the media yesterday (May 2). 11 dates were announced, including a two-night stand in August at the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N.J., but the group’s representatives are now stressing that those dates are unconfirmed.

Stay tuned!!!

– The following news is courtesy of FMA, our partna in crime:
Thom answered three questions at Spin with a Grin. He commented on singles, politics and why there’s another version of Morning Bell on Amnesiac: “because it came from such a different place from the other version. because we only found it again by accident after having forgotten about it. because it sounds like a recurring dream. it felt right.”

– Stanley Donwood is publishing his own book! For more details, check his site.

– You can enter to win tickets to exclusive Amnesiac listening parties in the US at the Capitol Records site.

– From Planet Telex: BBC Radio One’s Evening Session and Mark and Lard show will be running a competition to win tickets to the Verona date on May 30th, listen to the station for more details. Thom will be in the studio with Mark and Lard (1pm-3pm) from Verona to play a live track on the day.