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News for April 14, 1998

from NME:
Massive Attack’s Daddy G. says the band’s long-planned collaboration with Radiohead should happen this summer. The bands have been planning to work together since meeting at a Dublin festival last year. Initially, Massive Attack were interested in remixing all or some of Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ album. However, time constraints scuppered the idea. Daddy G says the two bands now plan to hook up in late summer to “see what happens”. “We’re going to go away to one of their houses, maybe in the summer. Thom’s got a house in Devon and we’re just going to jam there. Hopefully something’s going to come out of it.” Daddy G added that the remix project would have taken too much time: “In a way Radiohead have really influenced us. When ‘OK Computer’ came out they said they’d love us to re-work it for them. If you do that you have to spend a lot of time doing it, treat it with a lot of respect, it
would have taken us months to really work on it.”

OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for March 8, 1998

Some news I forgot to mention yesterday:

Massive Attack have dropped plans to remix OK COMPUTER for the time being. They are about to release their new album and will be busy touring throughout the year.

Bjork will not be opening up for radiohead on their last four dates. Bjork explained to Westwood One Radio that the two camps simply travel with too much stuff for it to be logistically feasible. But there may be a pairing down the road. “Both artists are very open to doing something in the future,” said a source in Bjork’s management. thanks to pathos.

OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for January 7, 1998

radiohead has been nominated for two grammies this year.

radiohead OK COMPUTER
bob dylan TIME OUT OF MIND
paul mccarteney FLAMING PIES
babyface THE DAY
paula cole THIS FIRE
radiohead OK COMPUTER
david bowie EARTHLING
chemical brothers DIG YOUR OWN HOLE
the prodigy FAT OF THE LAND

the 12″ no surprises single will not be available until january 19. the b-side will be palo alto.

the band will most likely not make any UK appearances this year. after the upcoming US tour, the band will concentrate on the next album.

speaking of US tours, there is a rumor that radiohead will be playing washington d.c.’s 9:30 Club on march 17. this is only a rumor. check back for more details.

according to MTV, massive attack has been given the green light to begin work on the OK COMPUTER remix album. it will probably be out this spring after massive’s new album is released in february.