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Thom Yorke to contribute new track to Twilight sequel

This is a followup to the story we told you about earlier this week about Thom Yorke contributing to the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie. In an interview with at Comic-Con, director Chris Weitz again said that Thom will be contributing to the soundtrack, this time adding that it will be a brand new track. Weitz also said that he will be listening to Thom’s track today (July 24) and “unless it’s sounds of him belching, I think I’ll put it in.”

Bon Iver was also mentioned as contributing a new track.

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Radiohead Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke to contribute to New Moon soundtrack?

We suck young blood
We suck young blood

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, movie director Chris Weitz spilled the beans about the new Twilight sequel, New Moon. Weitz mentions that Thom Yorke is “interested” in contributing to the movie’s soundtrack.

Speaking about the music in New Moon, Weitz revealed that requests have flooded in from bands who want to contribute to the soundtrack; after all, the first Twilight film helped launch alt-rock band Paramore into the pop culture stratosphere. In talks to appear on the soundtrack are none other than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Kings of Leon.

“Fortunately, I’m not at the stage where I have to turn anybody down yet, because everything is still kind of up in the air,” Weitz shared, “but I am surprised at some of the bands that have said they’re interested. It’s kind of great. The criterion will still always be what’s right for the movie at that given moment, but Thom Yorke is interested; we might, if we’re very lucky, get Kings of Leon to do something… it’s exciting to be able to have access to this kind of talent.”

The L.A. Times also has an interview with Weitz and had this to say:

Driving home from a day of post-production, Weitz says he understands what’s at stake. There are 450 visual effects shots to complete, in addition to the score and the movie’s soundtrack, which he says will feature songs from Radiohead, Muse and Band of Skulls, among others. But the sequences he’s readying for the event — one, an action scene that will feature some of those effects, the other, a love scene sure to elicit hysteria from the crowd — will be done in time.

Obviously this is a rumor and until it is confirmed officially by the band, we’ll treat it as one. We’re a bit skeptical…

Read the full Rotten Tomatoes interview here and the L.A. Times interview here.


Radiohead on David Bowie tribute album [UPDATED]

Ground Control to Major Thom
Ground Control to Major Thom

A new David Bowie tribute album is scheduled to be released in February 2010 and Radiohead are rumored to be among the artists contributing. This comes from the website of Mick Karn, another artist who is contributing to the album. He writes:

“The release of the David Bowie tribute album on Warchild has been postponed until February 2010 due to some of the artists schedules not permitting an earlier release.

Featured artists will include Radiohead, Carla Bruni and Charlotte Gainsbourg and will include Mick’s version of Ashes to Ashes.”

This new War Child release is a followup to this year’s War Child: Heroes.

Once we have official confirmation on this from the band, we’ll pass it along. (via TwentyFourBit)

UPDATE: Pitchfork is saying the rumor is not true. Bummer…


Radiohead score new Chuck Palahniuk film (updated)

From 6 Music:

Controversial Fight Club and Snuff author Chuck Palahniuk has revealed Radiohead have written brand new music for the soundtrack to the new movie adaptation of his book Choke.

Speaking to 6 Music on the Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show, Palahniuk explained it all came from his love of the band’s music, saying:

“Clark Gregg, who directed the movie version of Choke which comes out in November, he knew that I’d written Choke while listening to [Radiohead’s 1993 debut album] Pablo Honey, with Creep, over and over and over.

“So Clark got Radiohead to contribute a song; to write a song for the very end of the movie, the final credits.

“Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they’ve written the score, most of the ambient music throughout it. So it’s ‘Choke – with the music of Radiohead’“

When asked if he felt honoured to have such a respected band write music solely for his film, the author laughed, “I quit believing in my own life at this point! My life is just too incredible to be believable anymore. It’s a living dream.”

Palahniuk’s work is famous associated with alternative music, with his use of Pixies’ Where Is My Mind during the finale of the feature film adaptation of his novel Fight Club.

UPDATE: Radiohead score new Chuck Palahniuk film…. NOT!


Radiohead to sign with Starbucks label?

Just as the steam is clearing from the frothy news that ex-Beatle and soon-to-be divorced old man Paul McCartney will be the first musical artist to release a sugary, highly caffienated confection on Starbucks Records comes speculation in New York’s Daily News that the corporate coffeehouse is in talks with Radiohead to be their second source of aural frappuccino.

At least we know Thom Yorke would be serving his Starbucks product with non-dairy soy.
Source: Buzznet.

Wow, we didn’t see this coming. Of course, it’s not confirmed. We can tell you that some “mysterious” label people were spotted with the band just recently in a certain London studio.

If we find out anything else, we’ll let you know.

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Radiohead tour

Radiohead to play some festivals this Summer?

According to the NME, Radiohead is rumored to be playing the T in the Park (Scotland) festival as well as the Oxegen Festival (Ireland). We’ll wait and see…

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