Phil Selway

Purchase a signed copy of Philip Selway’s ‘Running Blind’ EP

If you’d like a signed copy of Philip Selway’s new Running Blind 10″ EP, you best head on over here. Supplies are very limited so act fast!

Here’s the tracklist:

Side A
1. Running Blind
2. All In All

Side B
1. Every Spit And Cough
2. What Goes Around

Phil Selway Radiohead tour

Phil Selway hints at future Radiohead shows, releases new solo material

Radiohead drummer and all around good guy, Phil Selway, recently talked with BBC 6 Music about his recent solo work. During the interview, he hinted that Radiohead may be in for some live dates soon, saying that the band has been discussing doing more shows after their recent Glastonbury performance.

When asked whether the slot on the Park Stage had whetted their appetite for a potential tour he admitted it had.

“Absolutely that is what we are talking about at the moment, it felt exciting doing that and it felt like we had something else to offer musically.

“It just felt like a new lease of life in what we are doing, and we would like to see where that takes us.”

After the jump, you can listen to Phil’s interview and also learn more about his new EP release. Oh, and for good measure, we’ll throw in a video of Radiohead’s recent Glastonbury performance.