Merce Cunningham 1919-2009

Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Cunningham was an American choreographer who was at the forefront of the American avante-guard for more than 50 years. In 2003, Radiohead and Sigur Rós collaborated with him on his Split Sides project. Both bands played for about 20 minutes while the dancers, who had not heard the music beforehand, danced. Here’s a review of the show if you’re interested.

The band posted on Dead Air Space today with their memories:

We are very sad to hear about Merce Cunningham’s death yesterday, aged ninety.
Merce invited us to take part in his Split Sides project, in October 2003. It was a collaboration of music and dance, but one where each of the elements – set, costume, choreography and music – were randomly combined, to create a performance around chance. He was very kind and hospitable, and invited us around to his apartment the night before the show. He showed us his computer program which generated random sequences of gesture and movement for wire-framed mannequins, like Kraftwerk’s Robots. He also showed us, the next night, that discipline and focus can create the space for an unexpected moment, when something new can suddenly exist: such a contrast to the scripted world of rock.


Merce Cunningham

Renowned dance choreographer Merce Cunningham has reportedly asked Radiohead and Sigur Ros to write music for his forthcoming dance production that will premiere in October 2003. The Sigur Ros fansite Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise is confirming that Sigur Ros has already begun writing music. We still have no confirmation that Radiohead will be contributing to this project. We’ll keep you updated…

Speaking of Sigur Ros, you can listen to the band describe what it was like to tour with Radiohead in this recent interview. (thanks to Dan)

Radiohead tour

Today is the day

Radiohead return home today to rock Oxford for the first time in many years. The hometown “festival” will include other bands such as Supergrass and Sigur Ros, and some local bands.

And now for the other South Park
For Radiohead fans outside of the US who can’t view Comedy Central’s South Park featuring Radiohead this Wednesday, you will be able to download the episode starting July 11 at {thanks to David}

Radiohead: Played in Full
Why don’t you go and read the new interview the full band did with MTV? {thanks to Gabriel}

Phil Selway Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

News for June 30, 2000

NME Article

Leave it to the NME to try and analyze each and every comment Thom makes on his web page at the official Radiohead site. Today the NME put an article here describing the latest posting that Thom made, in which he quotes a passage from a book by Malcom Lowry called “Under the Volcano.” The article then goes to question if road fatigue is the reason for Thom going “mad”.
The band have actually been having a good time on the road, and despite any reports or articles, they seem to be enjoying themselves. Phil made a brief appearance on the official message board the other day and said that it was “our best tour yet, i think – well the most enjoyable anyway.

You can read the NME article here.

Another Tour Date!

Because the September 11 show in Werchter, Belgium is nearly sold out, the band have decided to stay an extra day and play again on September 12 at the same location. Tickets can be purchased here.

Sigur Ros opening for Radiohead UK dates?

Some of you may have heard that the very talented band from Iceland, Sigur Ros, might open up for Radiohead this Fall during the tent tour. This is from the website

as far as the radiohead tour rumours are concerned, there is a chance that the band will support on the uk dates. they haven’t had an official offer from radiohead yet but are aware of their interest. georg said that they probably can’t play on the european dates due to prior commitments.

Regardless, definitely check out this band!