South Park Sound clips

There are tons of sound clips from last night’s episode of South Park at You’ll have to search for the Radiohead ones cause they’re not in order. {thanks to Latez}

Rolling Stone
There is a large excerpt from the current issue of Rolling Stone (with RH on the cover) available for your reading pleaure at There’s also a contest to win Radiohead CDs and a photo gallery. {thanks to Anna & Gabriel}

Watch or Listen to Radiohead: “Live From Paris” in your area.
Los Angeles, KTLA-WB, KROQ, 1am – Sunday July 15th
New York, WNYW-FOX, WXRK, 1:30am – Saturday July 14th
Philadelphia, WPHL-WB, Y100, 2am – Saturday July 14th
Chicago, WBBM-CBS, WXRT or Q101, 12am – Sunday July 15th
Boston, WBZ-CBS, WBCN, 1:30am – Saturday July 14th
San Francisco, KBHK-UPN, LIVE-105, 12am – Sunday July 15th


More South Park

Thom: “This poor kid has cancer… in his ass!{thanks to MsRommyu}

If you’re good with FTP, you can download last night’s South Park! Check this post for more details!


Radiohead’s appearance on South Park

Thom, Jonny, Colin, Ed, and Phil all appeared on Comedy Central’s South Park earlier tonight. You can see screen captures here and we should soon have sound clips along with info about viewing the episode Online.

Radiohead tour


BBC Oxford Online has a picture gallery up from last Saturday’s Radiohead “mini-festival” in Oxford.

Mean Street
Radiohead grace the cover of Mean Street, a So Cal indie magazine. {thanks to comeandgo}

Don’t Forget!
Radiohead will make a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of South Park! Matt Stone recorded the band’s voices late last month while the band were performing in Santa Barbara. The show airs tonight on Comedy Central. Check your local listings. Kick Ass!

Radiohead tour

Today is the day

Radiohead return home today to rock Oxford for the first time in many years. The hometown “festival” will include other bands such as Supergrass and Sigur Ros, and some local bands.

And now for the other South Park
For Radiohead fans outside of the US who can’t view Comedy Central’s South Park featuring Radiohead this Wednesday, you will be able to download the episode starting July 11 at {thanks to David}

Radiohead: Played in Full
Why don’t you go and read the new interview the full band did with MTV? {thanks to Gabriel}

Radiohead tour

Ticket give-away

All next week KROQ (L.A. radio station), will be giving away tickets to the L.A. show at the Hollywood Bowl on August 20th. For all the details and on-sale info, listen to Kevin and Bean this Monday morning at 7:00 am. In case you don’t win any, tickets will go on sale July 21, 2001. {thanks to Lisette}

Radiohead in Belfast
You can now purchase tickets to the September 14 show in Belfast, Ireland. Just go to {thanks to Soazig, Rob & Phillipa Chicken}

South Park
The BBC has a new article about Radiohead’s appearance on Comedy Central’s South Park and the cult status the band has taken in the United States. Go here to read. {thanks to Chris}