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Griffin X Stanley Donwood in Amsterdam

The Griffin collection A/W 07 includes artist design by Stanley Donwood. His artwork ‘London Views’ , from the album ‘The Eraser’ by Thom Yorke features strongly in the collection.

Stanley Donwood has worked with Radiohead for the past ten years, producing artwork and images for the albums ‘The Bends’, ‘OK Computer’, ‘Amnesiac’, ‘Kid A’ and ‘Hail to the Thief’.

The Griffin x Stanley Donwood collection is represented by a capsule element of the Griffin collection and is taken directly from his series of work called ‘London Views’.

The collection has travelled to London, Paris and Tokyo.

Address: Spuistraat 250, Amsterdam, CONCRETE Image Store

Open: Monday through Saturday 12:00 till 19:00,
Thursday 12:00 till 21.00 and Sunday 13:00 till 18:00

Download the flyer here.

(Many thanks to Mikael at Griffin and Rex)

Radiohead Stanley Donwood

Another test webcast happening today

New post up at DAS today from Stanley about another test webcast. Amazing how just a “test” can get us excited.

further research
there will be something on the box tonight
its another test
but right now we are entangled in cables
weather permitting
our technical experts will resolve the entanglement
itll be broadcast as a quicktime h.264 stream
if youve got a mac you could read it with quicktime player
if youve got a pc you might need to download the installer (click here to download and install)
try it about 10 pm gmt

In Rainbows Radiohead Stanley Donwood

Still waiting on that In Rainbows album cover

We’re still not entirely convinced that what we posted the other day is the official cover for In Rainbows. We’ve received a lot of email that pointed out some typography and design differences with what is shown in the discbox image. Also, it doesn’t help that Stanley told us that the official artwork is not online yet:

not yet. maybe soonish, maybe not. going to ‘think about it’

Okay. In the meantime, if you want to some cool fan-made album covers, check out this site.

(thanks to Rex and Peter)

Radiohead Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood Collaborates with Griffin Clothing

Griffin is pleased to announce that its A/W 07 Collection will include artwork designed by Stanley Donwood. This collection will include art from Thom Yorke’s The Eraser, also known as London Views. The collection is up for sale now on the Griffin website.

In an interview with Griffin, we learned that Griffin has only produced a small number of tees and hoodies. When they are gone, they are gone.

But wait! The kind people at Griffin are also fans of and have offered for a limited time only (LIKE A WEEK OR TWO), a generous discount for any fan who would like to purchase one of these quality shirts or hoodies. What’s the catch? You have to figure out the code below. Easy enough, right?


When you have the code, enter it in at the checkout stage of the online shop and you will automatically receive 15% off.

Stanley Donwood

Stanley named as one of the “Best Illustrators”

The Independent has listed Stanley Donwood as one of the “best illustrators” in British media today.

Stanley Donwood

More of a fine artist than illustrator, Stanley Donwood, 38, created the artwork for Radiohead’s album sleeves. The man himself is not one naturally drawn to the limelight. For years, the only way to contact him was to fax his local pub in Bath, from whence any communication would be forwarded to him. Much of Donwood’s work delights in rediscovering antiquated processes. A recent series of images, London Views, created a panorama of the capital out of 14 pieces of hand-cut linoleum, printed on a Victorian printing press. His latest work, If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now (recently shown at the Lazarides Gallery in London’s Soho), comprises a series of darkly compelling etchings that used the century-old photogravure technique.

You can read who else made the list by clicking here.

Stanley Donwood Thom Yorke

Glastonbury 2007 T-Shirt designed by Stanley Donwood


Check out this t-shirt designed by Stanley Donwood for the Glastonbury Festival. Details: Khaki coloured regular t-shirt, new for 2007 and designed by artist Stanley Donwood. This t-shirt has been custom and ethically made. Please note that this t-shirt features a back print of this years festival line up.

Go to the official Glastonbury Festival website to order.

Speaking of Glastonbury, we have heard that Thom was spotted with his girlfriend and two kids camping in the mud amongst all the other fans at the festival.