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Ed and Thom on BBC 6 Music, talk about In Rainbows and touring

radio205x150.jpgIf you missed Ed and Thom on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music program, don’t worry! You can listen to it by clicking this link. You’ll need RealPlayer, though.

Some highlights:
– Thom being asked what he did the day the album was released online: “I seem to remember sitting at home thinking there’s something I’m supposed to be doing today. I didn’t do anything that day.”

– Thom and Ed talk about how they recorded part of In Rainbows in a dilapidated mansion and slept in caravans on the grounds. Nigel wanted to throw the band “in an uncomfortable” situation. “Bodysnatchers” was recorded in a live take there.

– Nigel limited the band to about 15 or 16 songs to focus on to record.

– Thom on why “Reckoner” is completely different than the live version: “Because it’s not the same song. There was a song called Reckoner. I wrote a second part to it and then Jonny wrote another part to it and the song as it was left the building.”

– Thom on why “Nude” took so long to be released: “I think it’s because I used to hate the way I sung it.”

– “Down is the New Up” is described as “mental” by Thom. “Wait till you hear it.” He really wanted it to be on the album but according to Ed, it didn’t fit.

– Thom talked about all the “mad theories on the net”, specifically about the theory of 10s.

– Ed remarked that he was happy that Thom’s voice on In Rainbows was upfront and not “pulled back.”

– If they could relive one Radiohead moment again, both Thom and Ed would relive Glastonbury 1997 where the lights and PAs blew up.

– Speaking of Glastonbury, it sounds like they may be playing it this year if “they want us.”

– Though not finalized or confirmed, they may be playing the US for a couple of weeks starting in May. Europe would follow in June/July. Again, nothing is confirmed!

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Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session

Thom, Ed, and Colin joined three Radiohead fans on Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session on Radio 1 last night. One of the highlights of this interview was the talk of the legend that is “True Love Waits”, the song everyone loves but hasn’t been released yet making the title very appropriate. Thom gave us a simmer of sunshine when he talked about the recording of “True Love Waits”:

“We’d love to record that. We’d love to find a way to do it, other than on an acoustic guitar. We have an entire section in our tape store just for ‘True Love Waits’ versions. Every time we start a version of it we get a different song. For ‘OK Computer’ we got ‘Push Pull’ out of it.”

To listen to this wonderful interview, check out the Radio 1 site.

The concert that Radiohead played for Canal+ on April 28 will be aired on Spain’s Canal+ on June 5 at 23:45. It will also air the same night on TELE PIU’ BIANCO (an Italian satellite network), which will also show a “Making of…” special at 6:05pm followed by the concert at 10:45pm. {thanks to Francesca and Mar}

You can still watch last Monday’s concert in France at {thanks to Pieter and Jon Paul}

Radiohead will appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the first time. The mag will hit US store shelves on June 29. {thanks to David}

There is a French interview with Ed here. {thanks to Ludovic}