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Thom and Ed Interviewed by A.V. Club

There’s a fantastic interview with Thom and Ed on the A.V. Club website. Towards the end of the interview, Thom drops a hint that a new album may come sooner than we think. Here’s an excerpt:

AVC: Has anything new come out of the band being together, and playing together, on this tour?
TY: We get to hang out with each other; it’s a bit of a novelty. We don’t see each other that much when we’re not doing this.
EO: That’s the great thing about doing this sort of thing—we get to spend some time together, socializing.
TY: Jonny and I spend quite a bit of time going through half-finished things and deliberately forcing ourselves to finish them so we can get them to the others. I’m getting a buzz out of that—this thing, “Slave,” that I was playing for Ed the other day.
EO: That’s right. It’s quite good.
TY: I’ll send it home to Nigel [Godrich] tonight to mix. Honestly, I could probably use a full day doing it, but you’re in unusual places and want to get out. You don’t want to stay in the hotel all day; it becomes a little too much for me. It’s a little bit more than I can stand. In the end, when we’re back from this tour, I’ll probably think, “I really should have spent every day finishing stuff.”
EO: He’s finished quite a bit, though.
TY: I’m doing all right. I’m finishing what I want to finish.
AVC: Sounds like fans might not have to wait another four years for the next record.
TY: We try to keep the momentum of the operation going. Lots of times, if you stop too long, there’s no momentum and it takes a lot to pick it back up again. We’ve had such a positive response to this. We’re human; we lose our confidence far too quickly. It’s nice to have our confidence. That’s the biggest influence on things at the moment, being reasonably confident for a change.

Read the full interview at the A.V. Club.
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Ed O'Brien Radiohead The King of Limbs

Back in the studio sooner than you think

Ed told the BBC that the band plans on going back in to the studio and recording again this October after the tour wraps up.

He told Newsbeat: “It’s the life blood of what we do, it’s the thing that keeps you going.

“Because by the end of the tour, you’re bored of what you’re playing.

“You need more life and energy and the only way to do that is writing new songs.”

Sadly for fans, O’Brien won’t be pushed on when the new songs are likely to be unveiled.

He said: “It could be five years, it could be the end of this year, it’s whether it’s any good, that’s the point.

“We’ve just got to do it and see if it’s any good.”
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