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Ticketmaster: RH tickets on sale tomorrow

After last year’s ridiculous story about Ticketmaster selling tickets to a Radiohead show at Bally’s in Las Vegas, we get wind of news that saying that tickets for Radiohead will be going on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM. We’re pretty sure this is a mistake folks.

If you want to see the goof, you have to select “Philadelphia” as your location and look to the bottom right of the page.

Move along, there’s nothing left to see…

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UPDATE Saturday 7:42 AM PT: Ticketmaster took down the mistake.

Radiohead tour

No Vegas show/Ticketmaster sucks

So, as we expected, the story about Radiohead performing in Las Vegas on March 1 is untrue. W.A.S.T.E. made a statement this morning concerning the “bogus” show.

It has come to w.a.s.t.e’s attention that tickets for a bogus show on the 1st March 2006 in Las Vegas have been sold over the weekend by Ticketmaster.

There is no such show and we are currently investigating why this has happened. We would recommend that those who have purchased these tickets go back to the seller to organise refunds.

Unfortunately, there have been fans that bought tickets after Ticketmaster telling them that Radiohead were indeed playing Bally’s on March 1. The Bally’s box office had no clue about the show and directed all questions to TM. We are now hearing from some fans that Ticketmaster is REFUSING refunds to this bogus show. Though the concert was advertised to be a Radiohead show on Ticketmaster’s website, it is really for the Jubilee dinner show which, according to TM, is now sold out (probably because everyone was thinking it was Radiohead) and they refuse to do refunds on sold out shows.

We seriously hope that we are misinformed and that Ticketmaster will do the right thing and refund tickets.

UPDATE: This was sent to us by Rooch20: “I just spoke to Ticketmaster and they are investigating this. Everyone will get their money back. They just need to get to the bottom of this and then will contact the people who bought tickets….like me!”

Radiohead tour

What? Radiohead in Vegas March 1? Hmm…

One of our faithful readers alerted us to a listing on that has Radiohead performing on March 1, 2006 at Bally’s. We at Green Plastic would love for this to be true, though our gut and common sense is telling us that it is a mistake. The listing mentions something about this being part of the Jubilee series which apparently is a Las Vegas topless showgirls dinner show. We just can’t see Radiohead doing something like this.
(thanks to Bryan)

UPDATE: Ticketmaster has changed the above link to the Jubilee concert show. Read here for more info…