True Love Waits

There is an interview with Vanilla Sky director, Cameron Crowe, where he is asked the following question:

Q: What was the third Radiohead tune that you wanted to include, but the band wanted to preserve solely for its own releases?
A: “True Love Waits” which was on their recent Live EP. They didn’t want to give that up.

Read the full interview here.
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Kid A Radiohead

Tom Cruise on Radiohead

As you may know, Tom Cruise has spoken a lot about Radiohead and the role their music has played on the filming of his new move Vanilla Sky. Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview:

Is it true that Cameron Crowe played music while taping a scene?
He always did. It started on Jerry Macguire with me; that was the first picture. Cameron is a musician also. He’s a writer, a musician, a filmmaker and we just started playing around one day and he just had music. As an actor you just let it wash over you and see what color it’s going to bring to the scene. He also does stuff where we’re going along and he’ll throw out lines at me, it feels like a workshop when we’re working. Everybody is very comfortable and relaxed and there was a lot of focus on the scene and everyone kind of contributes. It helps the actors and sometimes you get different ideas and colors. For this movie we listened to Kid A a lot and to the U2 album. The Icelandic group (Sigur Ros) too. Of course, the Stones and Bruce Springsteen but a lot of Kid A. Walking through New York I think of U2 and I think of Radiohead.

Read the rest of the interview here.
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News from H&V

Here’s some more info from Capitol Records about news we’ve already reported:


LOS ANGELES FANS: Tune in to the PBS/KCET pledge drive this Saturday, December 8 at 11:00pm to watch footage from Radiohead’s performance on Jools Holland.

Plus Radiohead mix with Tom, Penelope and Cam D in Cameron Crowe’s new film “Vanilla Sky.” Get a double dose of Radiohead when the movie, featuring “I Might Be Wrong” and “Everything In Its Right Place,” makes its way to theatres on December 14th. “I Might Be Wrong” will also be included on the soundtrack, in stores December 11th.


Vanilla Sky

Here’s the press release about the upcoming soundtrack to Vanilla Sky:

As with all of rock journalist-turned-screenwriter Cameron Crowe’s films, from “Singles” to “Jerry Maguire” to his most recent, the Grammy-winning “Almost Famous,” music not only plays an important role but has resulted in best-selling albums. The soundtrack album to “Vanilla Sky” promises to be no exception. From the title song by Paul McCartney to classic rock, from modern heroes such as R.E.M. and Peter Gabriel to Generation X, Y and Z stars such as Radiohead and Sigur Ros, from Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley to Todd Rundgren and the film’s score composer, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, “Vanilla Sky” paints a musical landscape appealing to the ears of a wide audience.

Radiohead tour

Bear Hunting in Oslo

Radiohead played last night in Oslo, Norway, giving the crowd a treat by performing “Hunting Bears”. Click here for the setlist, pictures, and reviews.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky, the new film with Tom Cruise and directed by Cameron Crowe, features a song by Radiohead. What song? We don’t know. Stay tuned… {thanks to Angelo & Jon}

What’s My 20?
Radiohead will be included in the VH1 show What’s My 20? Here are the dates:
9/19 – 11:00 pm ET
9/20 – 4:00 pm ET
9/23 – 12:00 am ET
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Mercury Prize
This Wednesday, September 12, Radiohead will be appearing on the Mercury Music Prize 2001 program at 11:00pm on Channel 4 (UK). There will be live performances by all 11 short-listed nominees, including Basement Jaxx, PJ Harvey, Super Furry Animals, Zero 7 and of course Radiohead. The show will be repeated on September 15 at 11:45pm. {thanks to Stephen & Elaine}