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Stanley’s New Book

Go here to see some illustrations from Stanley Donwood’s new book. Creepy!

Shynola, the group that directed the “Pyramid Song” video, has some downloads, including a “Pyramid Song” screen saver, for you at their site.

Amnesiac Radiohead

Pyramid Song Video Air Dates

Missed “Pyramid Song” on MTV’s primetime show “MTV2 Presents Videos To Watch?” Have no fear! The show will be re-aired at the following times:

Wednesday, May 9th 5:30 PM
Thursday, May 10th 1:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 7:00 PM
Friday, May 11th 9:30 PM
Sunday, May 13th Midnight
Monday, May 14th 1:00 AM

Kid A Radiohead

News for August 10, 2000

Kid A – Song by Song

Can we say jealous? The fine folks over at the French fan site ne pas a.v.a.l.e.r. got to listen to the new Kid A album and has written a nice recap featuring descriptions of each song! They also confirm our report of the cover, which features a mountain with a black sky and red clouds. It is also mentioned that the cover inside the jewell case is sixteen pages and will fold out into one line.

Click here to read it in French or click here for the English version.


It looks as if the people behind Shynola will be taking on the illustrious task of making a video for Radiohead. It was revealed on “Mirrorball”, a show airing on the UK Channel Four, that the group, who has previously done work for such acts as UNKLE and Grooverider, will be taking on the video project or projects for Radiohead. Shynola is known for their computer animated videos, including the amazing “Guns Blazing” video for UNKLE. You can view that video in Quicktimehere.

The members of Shynola (Gideon Baws, Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy) told “Mirrorball” that working with Radiohead was a “dream project”.

[thanks to Matt]

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News for January 12, 2000

Itching to see the “Pop is Dead” video? How about “Lucky”? Here’s some exciting news to those who haven’t seen all the Radiohead videos. If you have MTV’s sister channel, MTV2, you’ll be able to watch their tremendous effort to show each and every video in the MTV and MTV2 libraries. The special started on January 1, and they’re already at letter B. That means you’ve missed “Anyone Can Play Guitar.” Don’t know what MTV2 is or how to get it? Easy. It’s a 24 hour station that plays videos all the time. No Real World here. Only select cable companies in the US have it… you’re better off just buying a Direct TV satellite dish. For more info, go to MTV2’s website. [thanks to]

Rock & Folk, a French music magazine, has printed in their January issue that Radiohead are about to work with a symphonic orchestra and are pushing back the release of the new album to September 2000. [thanks to Julien]

Just to clarify something: No release date has been set for the new album. I repeat. No release date. The dates that these magazines are printing are purely speculation and have no significant evidence to back them.

Rock & Folk also had Radiohead listed in their “Best Bands of the Century” poll. Radiohead came in at #4, following The Beatles (#1), the Rolling Stones (#2), Led Zepplin (#3), and preceding Pink Floyd (#5), U2 (#6), and the Jimi Hendrix Experience (#7). [thanks to Xavier]

The internet has been flooded with a number of rumors that Radiohead will be having another webcast in the coming days. All this started when Colin posted in his webpage last week that he had purchased some albums in Philadelphia and was hoping “to be spinning some of my ‘ finds ‘ on the web-cast next fortnight…” Fortnight, which means “two weeks”, was taken by many as to mean that there would be a webcast in two weeks. Max K from the great Planet Telex cleared up some of this on the official message board yesterday:

“the ‘fortnight’ word on colin’s page was nothing to do with timing – it was to do with the fact that the webcast server they are using used to run on fortnightly slots – it doesn’t any more, but colin used the phrase, meaning ‘on our next slot on the webcast’. since they have free run of the server now – it could happen ANY TIME!”

Some of you have asked, “Why do they have to be bastards and not tell us when a webcast will occur?!” Radiohead will not schedule or notify a webcast date and time with their fans for many good reasons. One reason is that they feel if everyone knew ahead of time, the press would show up, along with tons of other people and would probably crash their server. My advice: check the official site often for a link to the webcast page. has an article about the possibility of another webcast here. [thanks to Sarah and Xavier]

Every year, listener’s of 2FM’s (Ireland’s national radio) David Fanning’s show vote on their favorite song’s of all time. Radiohead did well in the poll: “High and Dry” (#38), “Karma Police” (#29), “Street Spirit” (#10), “Fake Plastic Trees” (#9), “Paranoid Android” (#5), and “Creep” (#2). [thanks to Miriam]

Radiohead also did well in 2FM’s Millennium 500 poll: “Paranoid Android” came in at #266, while “Creep” at #10.

OK Computer Radiohead The Bends

News for January 5, 2000

Well, a new year! Just think, I can now say that the new album will be released this year! OK, enough!

The Grammy nominees were announced yesterday and Radiohead has been nominated for their tour documentary, Meeting People is Easy. The film is nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video award. Other nominees include:

Don’t Stop (Gloria Estefan), The Making of “Ride With Bob” (Asleep at the Wheel), Band of Gypsys – Live at the Fillmore East (Jimi Hendrix), and Popmart – Live From Mexico City (U2).

You can catch the Grammy Awards this February 23, 2000. The complete list of nominees is listed here.

And now for the polls… recently featured their “Best of the Millennium” poll and Radiohead’s OK Computer came in at #20.
French monthly mag Rock & Folk has their “Ideal Record Collection of the Century.” OK Computer, along with other released albums, were chosen for the best of 1997. [thanks Xavier]
Canada’s music channel, MuchMusic, has Radiohead’s “Just” #12 in their top 100 videos of the century. [thanks Michael]
MTV Asia has four Radiohead videos in their top 200 list: “Just” (#94), “Fake Plastic Trees” (#84), “Street Spirit” (#52), “Paranoid Android” (#40), “Karma Police” (#34), and “No Surprises” (#4). [thanks to Dave]

And finally, the Jubilee 2000 Coalition has recently put out the “People’s Millennium Write-down Book,” a book in which people can write down their feelings about debt in the third world. Thom, who supports Jubilee 2000, wrote this in the book:

ÏAAAAAAARGH Dinosaurs are roaming the earth. Stop them before they destroy us all !!!!! Please realise we the population of this planet are very concerned about the faceless unaccountable forces now ruling the planet like giant cranes roaming the earth kalasnikovs in hand killing indiscriminately. Please help us… thank you.”

You too can sign the book and show your support for this important organization. There are many locations throughout the UK in which you can sign it. Go here for the locations. You can also sign it online here.

Radiohead The Bends

News for December 21, 1999

A few weeks ago Yahoo! held a chat with R.E.M. Michael Stipe was asked about the R.E.M./Radiohead connection:

sadprofessor1460 asks: Michael, I read that you did some work with Thom Yorke recently. What did you work on and when will we be able to get a hold of hit?
rem_live: Stipe: We haven’t worked officially in the studio as musicians, we just talk a lot as friends.
rem_live: But REM and Radiohead actually talk a lot and kind of challenge each other musically as to what each of us are doing next.

[thanks to Nicholas]
Street SpiritThe Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has got the “promo list” for MTV Europe’s top 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made. Radiohead came in at #9 for their awesome video for “Street Spirit (fade out).”
“9. Radiohead – “Street Spirit”
Direction: Jonathan Glazer (1996)

Wonderful slowmotion effects in black and white. It’s not often a video fits perfect with its song, but this time it did.”