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News for March 8, 2000

Ticket Information for Meltdown 2000

For those of you looking to see Radiohead’s gig at Scott Walker’s Meltdown in London this summer, tickets will go on sale at on March 13, 2000. The tickets are £20. Radiohead will be performing on July 1, 2000, at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The box office will be also selling tickets by phone. Their number is 0207 960 4242.

As mentioned earlier, W.A.S.T.E. will be selling 500 tickets to W.A.S.T.E. members. Keep your eye on the bulletin page at for further details.

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News for March 7, 2000

Gather Around Now…

We finally have a confirmed tour date for this year! In a announcement made on their official website yesterday, Radiohead stated that they will take part in this year’s Meltdown Festival, presented by Scott Walker. The band will perform on July 1, 2000, at the Royal Festival Hall in London. There will be more shows around this time in Europe that will be announced in the near future.

Tickets go on sale on March 13, 2000. W.A.S.T.E. will be offering 500 tickets for purchase to W.A.S.T.E. members. More on this later.

You can read the announcement at the official Radiohead site.
(thanks to Xavier)

In Other Exciting News…

It seems that the band have given themselves a deadline to finish the new album. They plan to cease work by the end of March, meaning that there is a possibility of a September release. Of course, this is subject to change.

From the 30 songs that they have been working on, the band has shortlisted the tracklisting to 16, and will most likely cut it down to 12 or 13. The songs that are reported to have made

the cut are:
Egyptian Song
Dollars and Cents
Everyone (The National Anthem)
Follow Me Around
How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
I Will
Keep the Wolf From the Door
Knives Out
Lost At Sea (In Limbo)
Morning Bell
Motion Picture Soundtrack
You and Whose Army
True Love Waits
(thanks to Planet Telex)

Many thanks to Rosemary and the fine folks at the Ultimate Bulletin Board who named Green Plastic as “Site of the Week”.

Ed O'Brien Kid A OK Computer Radiohead tour

News for January 21, 2000

Ed’s diary has been updated again. The band are back in the studio but Nigel, their producer, has had them working strictly with electronic equipment.

Nigel, who has been spending some time on the official message board lately, had this to add: “The works going well. Everyone had a good 2k and we’ve done a week back at our studio. Experimental electronica week it’s been. V interesting.” He also said, “We’re working hard on our new jazz funck direction which is and isn’t bringing forth goodies. Much fun stuff in the bag though I must say.”

Ed mentioned that “True Love Waits” has been given a new life, which is good news.

Radiohead made #4 in’s “100 Best Albums of the Century” with OK Computer.

Muse’s singer Matt, had this to say in the latest issue of Rock & Folk Magazine: “I also think that our second album will/should relieve us from comparisons with Radiohead which, I think, are mostly due the John Leckie’s producing.” [thanks to Xavier]

Tons of rumors floating around that Radiohead will be headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival. In the recent issue of Melody Maker, event organizer Michael Evis said that he thinks that there is a very good chance that Radiohead will play Glasto. He also said the only thing that will stop the band from playing there is if they turn it down. [thanks to Matt]

For those in the United States and Canada who have been searching for the coveted 7 Television Commercials video, w.a.s.t.e. had some specially made for ya! Go there now and consume.

Amnesiac Radiohead

News for December 10, 1999

webcastWell, what a night last night was! For those of you lucky enough to catch the Radiohead special “Amateur Nite” on their site last night, you’re most likely craving for more.

You may remember the w.a.s.t.e. email from Mel last week saying that we should download the RealPlayer for reasons left unknown. Last night the RealPlayer was put in use! The boys of Radiohead set up a video camera and went on the air around 6PM Eastern time. All five were there, along with Nigel (their producer), Mel, and a few others. Basically the first 2 hours were just Thom and Jonny playing DJs. They played many many great songs including tracks from PJ Harvey, Miles Davis, Aphex Twin, Johnny Cash, etc… It was a real party atmosphere, topped off with a nice Christmas tree in the background. DJ Thom was wonderful at keeping us entertained.

Here’s a partial play list: (thanks to Follow Me Around)
01. The Fall – Birmingham school of business school
02. The Fall – Wrong Place Right Time
03. Gescom – Change rmx on skam
04. Charlie Mingus – Freedom
05. Miles davis – Jack johnson
06. Beefheart – Gimme that heart boy
07. Scientist – Cloning process
08. Betty davis – If I’m In Luck I might get picked Up
09. Autechre – Arch carrier
10. Close encounters – Induction of Barry
11. Syd Barrett – Golden hair
12. Mahalia Jackson – Come sunday
13. Aphex twin – Squarepusher – FHM acid
14. Iggy pop – Nightclubbing
15. Sonic youth – Tunic
16. Prince Buster – Al capone
17. Gabor szabo – Jazz raga
18. From nuggets – Vol2 original artyfactsfrom the 1st psychedelic era 1965 – 1968
19. Talking Heads – This Must be The place
20. Can – pinch
21. Squarepusher – UFO’s over leytonstone
22. Squarepusher – Title unknown
22. PJ Harvey – The River
23. Global Goon – Rockford
24. Neue – Hallo gallo
25. Frances Lai – Le passager de la pluie
26. Oscar Peterson – Brotherhood of man
27. Batacuda – ?
28. Johnny Cash – San Quentin Blues
29. Ravel – String Quartet in F
30. Andre Previn (Turangalila symphony) – Messiaen
31. Ramsey Lewis – Dancing in the street
32. Monster Mash.
33. A1 People – Do It
34. Sing a song of Motor Cars – Mini Moke song
35. Can – ?
36. Popol Vuh – ?

webcastFinally at the end of the webcast, the camera turned around and there was Radiohead, instruments in hand, getting ready to play. They performed a new song which is believed to be “Knives Out”. We’re still waiting for confirmation on that. Some of the lyrics can be found at the official site here. Overall, it was great fun. Radiohead definitely has the luckiest fans in the world. Count on that.

In other news…

There is a small article in the current issue of Rolling Stone which features Thom. Here is what he had to say about the millennium:

“In the near future, I will build a bunker for myself and all my friends. It will go down a long, long way, and I will buy some nuclear missiles when the money comes through and hold all the faceless powers for ransom until they show themselves for who they really are. I shall then bring about world peace by singing “Kumbaya.”

Many thanks to J for that.

Ed O'Brien Radiohead

News for December 2, 1999

Hey! Ed’s diary has finally been updated! The band are in London at the moment with Nigel mixing some of the tracks. Go read it now!

The email from w.a.s.t.e. was sent out today. It mentions that you should download the newest version of the RealPlayer. For what purpose, we don’t know. Maybe a new song will be released over the internet? That’s just speculation. Here’s a copy of the email: If you don’t already have it, then please go to and download the latest version of Realplayer. There is a free version for you to download on that site. Don’t ask me why……you just never know when you might need it.

Last Post dates for Chrimbo: (as recommended by the Royal Mail)

Outside Europe: 6th December Europe: 13th December Second Class (UK): 18th December

If orders get to us after these last post dates then you won’t get your luverly shirts for Christmas..

If you would rather not trust the Internet with your credit card number then w.a.s.t.e will be taking telephone orders from the 1st December until the 17th between 10am and 5pm.

Please ring 0118 956 9183 (if you’re in the UK) or +44 118 956 9183 (if you are outside of the UK) to place an order.

You can also print the order form from the shop and fax it to us on the same number as above and then you don’t have to talk to anyone at all ever……..

Jonny Greenwood Radiohead Stanley Donwood The Bends

News for December 1, 1999

Radiohead made it on MTV’s “100 Greatest Videos Ever Made” special. “Fake Plastic Trees” came in at # 77. You can watch the countdown on December 6th through December 11th at 8PM Est.

Maybe you’d like to check out the new pictures that were taken and messed up by Jonny? They are quite nice and hopefully there will be more. This is what Stan (the Man) had to say:

“theyre jonnys photos done with liquid light onto scrappy peices of paper
hes going to do some more but i dont know how soon theyll be up in that gallery
ps youre supposed to imagine the music from ‘the gallery’ in take hart/vision on while you look at them”

Why don’t you go take a look.

If you’re a member of w.a.s.t.e., be on the look out for an email in the coming days. If you have no idea what w.a.s.t.e. is or would like to join it, go there.